5 Must Have Styles for the Mustached Man.

5 Mustache Styles Every Man Must Try Once

Before you let your facial hair grow out into whatever shape or form it pleases, take control – shape it, style it, comb it and go from facial hair to fashionable hair. Check out these five different mustache styles and make the change!

So you’ve been growing out your mustache for the last couple of months, however, moustaches, like any other facial hair need to be maintained and (even better) they need to be styled. With these five styles, we’ll show you how to grow mustache, style it and maintain it.  So pick up your mustache comb, your styling wax and transform that “soup strainer” into a style statement.

The Handlebar


How many times have you found yourself curling the tips of your mustache? The true test of this look, according to the Handlebar Club of London, is that it must have “graspable extremities”. For this look, make sure your crop the centre, and let it flare out past the nostrils (growing this part out might take a few months). To get that elusive curl, take some mustache wax and twirl the hair between your thumb and your finger, moving outwards.

The Shadow


Is it there? Is it not? Maintain that air of mystery with one of the most elusive mustache styles.  Just keep your beard trimmer at the lowest level. The great thing about this look is that it requires minimal upkeep.

The Pencil



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If you’re not amongst the men blessed with an abundance of facial hair, this is one of the few moustache styles for you! On the flip side though, this look is rather high maintenance. To keep it thin, use a safety razor and shave just above and just below the mustache – the effect should be that it is floating between your nose and your lips. Don’t force the parting in the middle if it doesn’t happen. Check out how to get the perfect pencil thin mustache here in 8 steps.

The Horseshoe


This one is for the bold and the brave! Also known as the biker mustache, it is a full mustache with vertical extensions grown down on either side of the mouth to the jawline (resembling the horseshoe it was named for). Keep in mind though, this mustache is a commitment! You’ll need to trim and shape the whiskers daily to maintain this look!

The Dali

How quirky are you? Do you refuse to be ignored and demand to be noticed? With the Dali, you will be. This style is a little tricky because it depends on the thickness of your hair. Make sure you leave enough of a gap between your nose and the mustache. Shave it thin, like a pencil, until it grows past your nostrils. Let the ends of the moustache grow out. (Keep trimming your mustache to retain that thin, long shape). You’ll need a good amount of wax for this look. Twist the mustache upwards and out with the wax. Add some hairspray to keep this gravity defying look as it is. When all is said and done, this one is definitely a head turner.

Now that you’ve read up on some fun styles, hurry up and get trimming! 

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