7 Ways to Wash & Remove Stains From White Clothes

Washing white clothes requires a totally different set of tricks and techniques.

While white clothes enjoy the pride of place in your wardrobe, having your whites go dingy is pretty common. Yes, not knowing the answer to one nagging question ‘How to wash white clothes?’can be pretty annoying. Fret not, we have quick and easy tips to wash white clothes that you can start practicing right away to keep your whites looking pristine all year round.

Separate your whites: No matter the time crunch, always wash your whites separately. However, apart from coloured clothes being a consideration, ensure you also check the fabric type, level of filth and stains on the clothes along with the right temperature of water and adequate amount of detergent and bleach during every wash.

Treat stains with care: Stain removal from a white outfit needs to be done before you put it for wash. Pre-treating is the way to go, apply a little liquid detergent and let it sit depending on the stubbornness of the stain and the type of fabric. Use a spot-bleach technique with the help of a cotton-tipped swab and gloves, applying it only to the stained area. Make sure to rinse repeatedly and thoroughly as bleach residue can wreak havoc on your clothes.

Water temperature is key: When it comes to retaining whiteness, it’s always better if the water is really hot. Of course, not every piece fabric welcomes heat. For instance, cashmere and polyester need cool water while lycra and silk need lukewarm water or they run the risk of shrinking or becoming misshapen. So,read the instructions on the care label and adjust accordingly.

Use detergent judiciously: There is a myth that more the detergents we use, the cleaner our clothes will be but this could not be further from the truth. Too much detergent and fabric softeners end up adding a layer on the fabric which acts like a magnet and attracts dirt. The residue also weakens your clothes making them more prone to looking limp and tearing. Make sure you use just the right amount and rinse thoroughly after.

Be cautious with bleach: While bleach is a common additive to make clothes white, make sure you take into consideration the fact that too much bleach can result in your whites looking yellowish or grey; best be careful and use measured quantities. What’s more, prolonged use of both chlorine and oxygen-based bleaches weakens fabrics making them more likely to develop tears, holes and fraying.

Home remedies help: If you're looking for alternatives to bleach, your kitchen is the best place to find them! There are excellent bleaching agents at home that have mild whitening properties such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide andlemon juice. Rub them on the dull, dusty patches and then wash the garment. The patch will disappear for good.

Dry right: Dry whites immediately as soon as the washing machine stops so there is no formation of mould or mildew in the dampness. Drying in sunlight is great for whites to look whiter as the sun’s rays have disinfectant and whitening properties. Bottom line? Always sun-dry your whites.

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