DIY dry clean for your prized party wear

Dry cleaning need not be an expensive and time-consuming proposition if you know how to dry clean clothes at home.

Are you one of those people who likes a particular garment a lot at a store but puts it away when you see the ‘dry clean only’ label? Does the thought of spending big bucks every time you send your clothes for dry cleaning send you in a tizzy? What’s more, the dry cleaning process takes time and you may not get your garment back by the time you want to wear it next. But with these fast and simple tricks, you can start dry cleaning at home. 

1. Give it a break:
While you might be tempted to send your expensive clothes for dry cleaning after every wear, bear in mind that the harsh chemicals can thin down the fabric and make your clothes more prone to tearing and fading. If your clothes are not stained, just let them rest it out in the sun every once in a while for about 48 hours to remove stale smells and bring a refreshing natural fragrance to them. If need be, wash as usual.

2. Spot treatment:
Have you noticed missing rhinestones and ugly patches on your designer wear after they’ve come from the dry cleaners? A tried and tested way to lift off stains, especially from hand-made and embellished garments which are ruined at the dry cleaners is the good old spot treatment. Dilute a capful of mild detergent solution and gently rub the affected area with warm water. Then, dab with a sponge and rinse the entire garment with cold water. Air dry it in the sun and it will be good as new.

3. Un-follow the label:
Reading a label is important but you also need to understand that not all fabrics and clothes need dry cleaning, no matter what the label says. For cotton, polyester or nylon and acrylic, washing at home works just fine. Simply turn them inside-out and throw them in the machine with some mild detergent, on a cold or hand-wash setting on a low spin cycle. To target stains or odours, rub some of your normal detergent on the affected area before washing as usual.

4. Quick kitchen fix:
Salt, vinegar and baking soda are readily available in the kitchen and fight stains with a vengeance. A heavy application of salt on oil stains lifts the stain like a miracle. A cloth soaked in dilute vinegar or soda water solution can drive away a red-wine, coffee or grease stain, if used immediately.

5. Steam away:
Steaming can remove mild dirt like magic and is perfect for silk, cashmere and other delicate fabrics that you would prefer not to wash in a machine.

Dry cleaning your clothes at home is pretty simple isn’t it?

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