Make Baby Clothes Baby-Friendly with These 10 Washing Tips.

Babies have very sensitive skin, which is why you need to watch your laundry habits.

When you bring home your baby from the hospital, your joy knows no bounds and you splurge on everything from cute clothes to fancy toys and beyond. But you are also concerned with the baby’s well-being and how to wash baby clothes and how to wash cloth diapers are genuine concerns for every new parent.

1. Read the label:
The instructions on the label are a must-follow while washing delicate baby clothes. Apart from washing instructions, be sure to keep a track of drying instructions to keep your baby’s clothes looking good at all times.

2. Check temperature:
Heat is detrimental to fabric of all types. Make sure you wash baby clothes in cold water so that they don’t lose their sheen and colour. While drying, remember to keep the temperature to a minimum.

3. Separate clothes:
Make laundry simple by sorting your baby’s clothes into piles depending on colour, washing instructions and stubbornness of stains.

4. Wash diapers separately:
Washing baby diapers can be a tricky affair. Prevent the spread of germs by keeping all soiled and wet nappies and cloth diapers separately. Do not mix them with any other clothes that need washing.

5. Colour codes:
Let washing clothes of the same colour family together be a non-negotiable rule you follow. Dark clothes should never be washed with light clothes and white clothes should not be mixed with coloured clothes. This protects your baby’s clothes from colour damage.

6.  Turn it over:
Always wash clothes inside out to prevent fading and to extend their lifespans.

7. Air it out:
The sun is your baby clothes’ best friend. It fights bacteria build up and adds a dose of freshness to the clothes.

8. Find the right product:
There are plenty of mild detergents that are specially formulated for baby clothes. It is imperative that you find what works best for you and use them; babies are sensitive and prone to allergies and rashes.

9. Dry with caution:
If you’re not sure a stain came out, resist the urge to throw the outfit into the dryer. That will set the stain and make it that much more difficult to remove later on.

10. Spot treatment:
For effective stain removal, use baby-friendly mild detergent on stains and rub gently with your hands before throwing them into the laundry and washing as usual.

Use these tips and your baby will cry tears of joy!

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