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Undo your laundry disasters!

Pink sheets, shrunken jumpers and disintegrated bits of tissue everywhere. Whatever your laundry disaster, chances are we’ve seen it before.

Help, it’s the wrong colour!

Dingy whites
Over time, white fabrics can become yellowed or grey, especially if you’re not washing at the right temperature, so check the fabric care label. Ariel is formulated to make your whites bright, wash after wash.

Mysteriously pink whites
A red sock or pair of pants accidentally mixed in with your whites can turn your whole wash pink. Ariel Colour helps lock in colours and prevent colour running from darker garments onto lighter ones.

It shouldn’t look like that!

Shrunken tops and jumpers
If your favourite jumper is only fit for a small child now then it’s either been washed on the wrong cycle, with the wrong type of detergent or in water that’s too hot or should have been hand washed.

Before you throw it away, there are a couple of things you can try to salvage it. While the item’s damp, gently pull on the top, arms and bottom to re-shape it. Some materials, such as viscose, crinkle in the wash and may actually stretch out a little when dry, reverting to their former size. All may not be lost!

Wrinkled clothes
If you’ve left your clothes in the dryer for too long, they may have dried-in wrinkles. To smooth them out, put the load back in the dryer with a damp towel (for a medium sized load) or a damp, colour-fast (or white) sock if it’s a small load. You can also run the dryer for a short time – this begins to generate some steam which can help remove wrinkles.

How do I get that off?

Dried-in stains

Ariel is formulated specially for dried-in stains. If you’ve tried treating a stain and it still won’t go, try repeating the steps with Ariel with Actilift™. On white clothes, you can also try using lemon juice and placing the item in the sun for a natural bleaching effect.

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent
Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent, 750ml

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For really tough stains, Stain Removers will give you brilliant results on the first wash. They’re available as a liquid or spray pre-treatment (which works as soon as it’s applied to the stain), a powder additive and a quick-fix stain remover stick for life’s little emergencies.

Mildew smells or stains
If you’ve left clothes in the washer for too long they’ll probably smell musty and may even show pinpoint dots of mildew. If it’s a white wash then re-wash with chlorine bleach to remove the stains. For coloured clothing, Ariel Colour cleans brilliantly to help keep colours beautifully bright. If there’s no sign of mildew you may be able to put the wash back through another cycle.

The exploding pen
A stray pen can wreak havoc in a wash. It doesn’t matter whether you spot the damage before or after the clothes have been dried, as the steps are the same: soak overnight in cold water containing Ariel, then wash according to the fabric care label. For older stains, dab with nail varnish remover (not suitable for synthetic fabrics) then wash as normal.

I didn’t mean to wash that!

Tissues in the wash
If you’re faced with shreds of tissue all over your clothing, pick out the biggest clumps you can see before putting the garments in the dryer. The smaller clumps will get caught in the lint filter where you can remove them after the drying cycle.

Stickers and gum in the wash
Chewing gum and stickers become congealed and difficult to remove after washing and drying. An ice cube pressed against the area freezes it so you can try to scrape away as much as possible. Apply baby oil to the area and try to scrape away more as it loosens. Rinse thoroughly and then re-wash.

The stray mobile/money
From a ruined mobile phone to soggy five-pound notes, there’s not much we can do to help with this one! That’s why it’s always worth checking your pockets before each wash, especially on thicker garments like jeans, where it’s harder to immediately see what’s inside. 

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