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6 Tips To Make Laundry Easier

Simple tips that will help make laundry a less tedious affair.

Some people assume that doing laundry is a tedious, time consuming affair. But it is not necessarily so. If you just work in an organized, meticulous way you could make doing laundry so much easier. Here are some tips that will make doing laundry much easier and faster and will make your clothes last longer:

  1. The most annoying and time consuming job while doing laundry is sorting the clothes. But you can make your job easier by simply keeping three laundry baskets- one for light, one for dark and one for coloured clothes. So when you go to do your laundry, they are already sorted- you just chose the batch of clothes you want to and load the machine. Also, check out how to wash white clothes with these 7 simple tips.
  2. Keep your detergents tidy. Keeping them in an organized manner will mean you save time looking for them and deciding which one you have to use.
  3. Just because you’ve worn something once doesn’t mean it needs a wash. All you have to do is hang it on a washing line near an open window or a steaming bath and it will soon be fresh and as good as new.
  4. Unless you want your clothes coming out of the machine with dissolved detergent on it, don’t overload the machine.  Keep a hand’s width with between the wash load and the top of the drum. Use the right detergent proportionally, depending on the load you are washing.
  5. Washing clothes inside out can help prevent fabric fading. It also prevents fabric pulling- when tufts of fabric run free and club together again.
  6. Check the pockets of all trousers and jeans before you put them in the machine. You don’t want to find you left tissue paper in there after you’ve washed it. Also close all the zippers so no clothes get snagged while in the machine.

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Just follow these tips and doing laundry will be so much easier. Keeping your wardrobe sparkling and neat will never be a chore again.

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