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It’s a great idea to get your kids to help with the washing. It might take you a little longer than usual if they’re very

Making laundry fun

It’s a great idea to get your kids to help with the washing. It might take you a little longer than usual if they’re very young, but it can help develop their co-ordination, recognition and counting skills (just make sure you always, always keep detergents well out of their reach). Read on for ideas on getting them involved.

Turn laundry into a fun game for your kids:

  • Play a game of colour co-ordination and recognition as you sort the whites, the lights and dark colours for washing.
  • Play finders keepers by hiding a coin or small treat in an article of clothing (make sure that the item is removed from the washing machine)
  • As you load and unload your machine, help your kids to count each item in and out.
  • Ask them to help stack and count folded clothes. It’s a good opportunity to chat to them about their day at school, too.
  • Play a game of pairs as you match up socks.
  • Create a reward chart that helps them work towards extra pocket money or other treats. Pin a reminder to the back of their bedroom door to help keep them motivated!
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What children can do and when


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As a general guide:

  • Always keep detergents out of children’s reach. Please repeat on every sentence involoving kids and laundry.
  • At ages 2-3 children can help with putting laundry in and out of the machine, folding towels, pairing socks and sorting colours.
  • At ages 5-7 they can start folding their own clothes. 
  • At ages 8-9 they can learn how to use the washing machine and possibly start to help with the ironing.

Encouraging teenagers to help

As children grow older, you can teach them about the washing machine and how it works. This can be especially helpful with kids approaching their teen years. If you want to encourage your teenager to help out with the laundry, try simple reasoning. Taking charge of their own washing gives them some of the independence they want. Plus they won’t have to wait for their favourite piece of clothing to work its way through the family wash!

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