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Where do I put the detergent in my washing machine?

Where do I put the detergent in my washing machine?

  • To get the best performance from your washing detergent we would recommend as follows:
  • Place the measured amount of product into the main wash compartment of the dispensing drawer.

Why is there powder on my clothes at the end of the washing machine cycle?

  • In our experience loading too many items into the washing machine can leave insufficient space in the drum for the detergent to dissolve properly. Sometimes, it can get caught in the middle of the wash load leaving streaks of undissolved detergent. Incorrect dosing of the detergent can also be a factor as well as insufficient water fill for the size of the wash load. It is very that the correct amount of detergent is used.
  • Several factors need to be taken into consideration: size of wash load; level of soiling on the items; correct wash cycle; water hardness. Re-washing should remove any residue powder.

Why do my clothes feel hard after washing?

Our experience has shown that the most likely cause of fabric feeling hard or stiff is incorrect dosing.

  • Using too little product may mean that there are insufficient active ingredients to combat water hardness, which can affect the softness of the fibres. This may also result in a poor overall wash.
  • Using too much product may result in a build-up of detergent on the fibres, leaving them feeling rough.
  • Make sure you do not overfill your washing machine – especially with heavy cotton items such as jeans or towels, which absorb a lot of water. (Over filling the washing machine means that the product will not easily dissolve meaning you may get undissolved powder residues on your clothes). If the machine is too full, the clothes cannot tumble freely meaning there will probably be insufficient agitation from the machine to get garments clean.
  • Finally, you will probably find that wash loads, which are too large for the machine, do not rinse well leaving them slightly ‘soapy’. When dry, these clothes can feel quite hard.

What can I do to help reduce colour fading?

  • To maintain the colour and overall appearance while laundering your fabrics, it’s important that you follow the care label instructions closely. Pay particular attention to the temperature symbol. This outlines the highest temperature you can use to wash the garment. Never wash above this temperature. In fact, the lower the temperature you choose to wash, the more likely it is that your fabrics will retain their colour.
  • If the item does not contain a care label you should check directly with the manufacturer of the item, or the store where the item was purchased, for advice before washing.

What are the common causes of colour fading?

The quality of the dye used to colour the garment will play a major role in the amount of colour loss exhibited by the garment over time. The better the quality dye the more chance of your garment has of retaining its colour. Poor quality dyes are more likely to be sensitive to prolonged soaking, hot water, bleaching agents, abrasion and even the chlorine content of the water supply.

What ingredients in Ariel 2in1 give the longer lasting freshness?

Ariel 2in1 contains long lasting perfume ingredients that are designed to be ‘attracted’ to your clothes, and gradually release perfume over time. This means that your clothes smell fresher and the smell lasts for longer. The type of perfumes we use in Ariel 2in1 are excellent for covering bad odours - and keep them smelling fresh all day* (Add super: *Long lasting fragrance on dried clothes).

Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent
Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

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How to remove difficult stains?

A stain is not like ordinary dirt which attaches itself to the surface of a fabric. Instead it is more like a dye, which gets deep down into the fibres. Our laundry products contains special ingredients to tackle most of these common stains such as milk tea, blood, gravy, etc. Click here to see our stain removal tips. Ariel products also contain ingredients which help care for your clothes keep them to shine like new* Also, check out how to remove stains from white clothes with these 7 simple tips. 

What should I do when I get a stain?

The following advice will help you tackle difficult stains:

  • If it’s a fresh stain rinse immediately in cold water as this reduces the chances of it settling into the fibres, easing its removal. Don’t rinse with hot water as this will set stains making them more difficult to remove.

After soaking in cold water for about two hours the garment should be checked. If the stain has visibly weakened then wash as normal, as instructed on the fabric care label.

  • If the stain is still obvious pre-treat the stain with Ariel soap solution. The liquid will penetrate deep into the stain. The stained article can then be washed as normal. This method will work best on greasy and food based stains.

What can I do to stop pills & fuzzes on my clothes?

Pills & fuzzes on the surface of cotton fabric are caused by broken fibres. These can also give the appearance of fading. Pilling can be removed by brushing, cutting or pricking them from the fabric. It’s caused when cotton or cotton rich garments are washed and worn repeatedly and the friction causes fibres to break leaving pills & fuzzes on the surface.

To help prevent this the Ariel range of washing products includes special fabric care technology that helps prevent pilling on cotton based garments and improves the overall appearance. For best results garments should be washed in Ariel.

How do I choose the right detergent?

We understand that your requirements are unique. Ariel provides a range of variants for the different washing situations. Learn more about the range of variants in the Ariel Products section.

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