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Ironing the right way

Best practices on ironing the right way

Washing clothes isn’t hard at all. The washing machine does all the work. The time consuming part of doing laundry is ironing. Getting that heap of clean crumpled clothes into a pile of neatly folded, ironed clothes can be a daunting task, but with the right preparation, it isn’t-

Choose the right equipment

Find the right iron

The first rule of ironing is to buy an iron of a good brand. While making a purchase, keep in mind cost effectiveness, how long it will last and reliability. A steam iron will help remove creases better.

Use a high ironing board

You know an ironing board is of the right size when you do not have to bend over it to iron your clothes. If you share ironing duty, it would be advisable to buy a table whose height is adjustable so that it can suit everybody’s needs.

De - scale your iron

Limescale in hard water can damage your iron. If you live in an area where you are provided with hard water, it would make sense to invest a bit more money and buy an iron with an anti-scale feature.  It will ensure your iron has a longer life and your clothes will not get marked either.


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Perfect your technique

Watch the heat

Be careful while ironing. If your iron is too hot, you may just ruin your favourite dress or trousers. For delicate items, use an iron with a protective sole or covering.

Iron when damp

For the best results while ironing, iron clothes while they are still slightly damp. If clothes dry out completely with creases in them, you will have to wet the cloth to even out those creases.

Iron only when necessary

Ironing clothes is not always necessary- do it only when absolutely needed.  Many synthetic  fibres shake out small creases as they’re worn.

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useful trick

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This was an useful trick for ironing as i was doing it for first time.

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I prefer to iron clothes from side where clothes tags are there , its faster , and threads never bothered while doing ironing and its faster and time savvy.

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