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Getting rid of natural stains

Simple tips to help deal with natural stains and keep dirt at bay.

We are all active in our day to day lives and our clothes are exposed to the elements. Some of the surfaces and substances we come in contact with during the day stains our clothes. Here are some simple tips to help you deal with those natural stains and keep the dirt at bay-

Daily dirt

Collars and cuffs seem to be most affected by these stubborn stains. Give your clothes a new lease of life by soaking in a solution of detergent for one hour. Then wash as normal.


A very common occurrence if you have active, sporty kids. Rinse fresh blood immediately with cold water. Soak in water containing detergent for two hours, and then wash according to the care label.


Soak in water containing detergent, and then wash as normal according to the fabric care label.


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Mould and rust can be removed from ordinary fabrics by sprinkling salt , squeezing lemon juice on them, leaving them overnight and then washing them normally the next day.  For heavier stains use a rust remover then wash as normal according to the fabric care label. Mould and rust are difficult to remove from fine fabrics (such as wool and silk), and are best treated by dry cleaning.


Let the mud dry and scrape off as much as possible. Soak in water mixed with detergent, and then wash normally.


Soak the items in cold water then wash in detergent according to the fabric care label.

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