Impress Your Interviewers With Your Clothes!

Clothes do make an impression. And impressions could sometimes overrule any direct messages we would aim to convey. Perception based opinion forming is important parts of every interaction, if not the most important. Being in harmony with ourselves does not only refer to inner harmony, but shall be applied as well on the outside – above all, in specific situations.

Preparing for a job interview is a daily challenge in everybody’s life. To bring out the most of it, one should be aware of the little tricks that can contribute to success – of course beside the relevant knowledge and convincing personality.


Always keep in mind, that there is only one thing worse than being underdressed – to be overdressed compared to the interviewer. Speaking of a job interview, Oscar Wilde’s “One can never be overdressed or overeducated” quotation must give space for a little rethinking. Be familiar with the profile of the company you are about to apply to and dress up in correspondence with that.

Try to dress up in layers. In that case you can feel comfortable even if it is a little too cold or too hot in the office; otherwise you might end up with a red face or a shivering body in front of your partner. Physical discomfort could have a negative effect on your performance.



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Pay attention to little details regarding the fabrics of your clothes you are wearing. Knitted or wool jumpers or sweaters can leave marks, little fluffs on your white blouse. And those usually become quite resistant whenever you try to get rid of them...

Wear freshly washed clothes. Clean clothes give confidence you need and you can focus only on your performance. Scents play an important role in social interactions, even unconsciously. You would rather wash your clothes prior to the interview than apply a significant amount of perfume.


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