Show Their True Colours: 10 Ways To SaveFabrics From Discolouration.

While fading is inevitable. Restoring the original colour to your clothes isn’t impossible.

In summertime, the season demands that you bring out the colour and match the beauty of nature in its full glory while during the monsoon vibrant fashion helps tackle grey, overcast skies and the best way to beat the winter blues is with colourful hues. However, no matter what the season or your reason, you need to ensure that you know well how to prevent coloured clothes from fading.

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Color Fading in Clothes:

1. Careful with the care label:
For every piece of clothing, you must follow the instructions listed on their care label. Whether it is to be washed only in cold water, with clothes of similar colours or if it needs to be dried on a line or you need to use the drip method, your clothes are safe from wear and tear as long as you follow the instructions.

2. Vinegar rinse:
Your kitchen can prevent fading too! Add 1 cup of regular household vinegar in your washer without adding any detergent and washin cold water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. While your clothes won’t smell of vinegar, the vinegar will seal the clothes colour and prevent it from bleeding. 

3. Salt soak:
Table salt from your kitchen is great for sealing colour too. Simply soak your clothes in a bucket of water mixed with a fistful of salt. Wash with detergent as you would regularly, in cold water.

4. Turn it over:
Always wash clothes inside out and with other colours from the same palette to prevent dark colours from fading and light colour clothes from getting damaged.

5. Use your hands:
Every once in a while, wash your clothes in a hot tub by hand. Soak them for 15 minutes in cold water and mild detergent. Rinse for 10 minutes in fresh cold water and hang in the sun to dry.

6. Test the temperature:
Heat damages fabric and results in the colours fading; always wash clothes in cold water.

7. Iron it out:
For a party or outing, you need to give your clothes a much-needed boost.  To freshen up your clothes and keep them looking fresh for longer, starch them followed by a round of ironing.

8. Dryer alert:
Drying clothes in the heat can bedetrimental to your laundry, especially for bright and dark colours as these could fade. If you must use a hot dryer, do so sparingly as it will affect the life of your beloved clothes and cause them to lose their sheen.

9. Go easy on the chemicals:
While dry cleaning with starch will breathe new life into your clothes, the chemicals used in these processes are bad for the fabric. It is not recommended to chemically treat your clothes often if you want colour to stay vibrant.

10. Get your products right:
A well- tested and mild colour-protection washing detergent is a great way to keep colours from fading.

Go on, give your clothes back their colours!

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