Light Up Diwali with These 3 Stunning Diya Decoration Ideas

Diwali isn’t complete without a diya. There are traditional designs and there are contemporary ones. And then there are diya decorations that you can make yourself at home. Read on to know how.

Diwali inspires memories of cleaning, decorating, lights, sweets, crackers, friends and family.

One of the integral parts of the celebration is the Diwali diya decoration. Homes are all alight with the flickering flames of these traditional lights that have been ushering in the festive spirit since eternity.

If you’re looking for ways to make your diya decoration unique and fun, we’ve put together three brilliant diya decoration ideas that you can try this Diwali.

These ideas look just as wonderful at home as they do in your work place. Do not hesitate to involve all your friends and loved ones when bringing your unique diya decoration to life.

3 Innovative Diya Decoration Ideas

#1 Water Diya

Diwali Diya Decoration 1
Use a chai glass that you can find anywhere in your area. Fill it more than halfway up with water and top up the rest with oil. Gently insert a cotton wick in the glass. You can get a cotton wick at any grocery store, and most definitely around Diwali. To make your water diya more interesting you can colour the glass in bright and interesting patterns.

You can also create a floating diya. Simply fill a bowl or glass with water. Float brightly-coloured earthen diyas or candles in the bowl. Adorn the bowl with flowers, drops of coloured ink and pebbles to create decorative diyas.

#2 CD Diyas

Diwali Diya Decoration 2

Turn old discarded CDs into beautiful Diwali decorative diyas. Use acrylic paint and various ornamental objects to decorate the CD. Create patterns only as vivid as your imagination. Once ready, you can place a diya in the centre of these creations and awe your guests with stunning lighting this Diwali.

#3 Earthen Diyas

Diwali Diya Decoration 3

Turn the humble earthen diya into a piece of art. Bring home a set of these regular Diwali diyas and transform them into beautiful decorative objects. Colour and decorate at your discretion. The limit is only your imagination. Embellish the diyas with sequins, stones and pieces of glass, and turn them into glorious Diwali decoration objects.

Place these decorative diyas strategically all around your home and watch the Diwali spirit glow.

You don’t need expensive decorations or diyas that are environmentally harmful. Instead, you can preserve the spirit of Diwali by recycling and going green.

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