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Weekend Decor Makeover: Bathroom

Use our 6 easy ideas to refresh your bathroom décor on a budget — in a weekend!

Transforming your bathroom into a mini oasis is easier, less expensive and less time consuming than you may have thought. With a few inexpensive additions and minor changes, the bathroom can become your peaceful retreat from a busy life and home. Achieve a designer feel with any or all of our décor makeover tips.

1. Upgrade the Medicine Cabinet
One of the biggest eyesores in a bathroom can be the medicine cabinet. Step one is to clean it out and get it organized. Throw away any old products, expired medication or almost-empty toothpaste tubes. Then take everything off the shelves and give them a good cleaning.

Next purchase shelf liner or wallpaper to transform the back of the cabinet. Pick a pretty pattern or favorite color that also fits with the rest of your bathroom décor. The new shade will cheer you up every time you open the doors!

2. Add New Shower Curtains
Switching out a shower curtain is one of the easiest ways to update your bathroom’s décor. They’re usually a focal point of the bathroom, so they can make a major impact and change your bathroom’s look dramatically.

Browse around your favorite home decorating stores before making a final choice. There are so many designs available, from solid colors to bold patterns to landscape photographs and more.

Plastic or vinyl curtains are not the only option! Try using fabric curtains to add a softer feel to the space. Whichever curtain you choose, always use a shower liner along with it.

3. Try a Fresh Coat of Paint
If you want to make an even bigger statement, then paint the walls (or shower doors, if you have them). Even if you’re on a tight budget, painting an accent wall does wonders for any space.

Turn a window into a fabulous focal point by painting that wall. Or, if there aren’t any windows in your bathroom, paint your walls white and hang artwork or other pretty wall décor.

Shelving and cabinet doors look great with a fresh coat of paint, and can transform any vanity from dull to darling.

4. Accent with Wallpaper
The bathroom is a perfect space for using wallpaper! It’s an easy, inexpensive option that can make a major décor statement. Usually bathrooms have the least amount of square footage, so you’ll only need a few rolls.

Smaller spaces like bathrooms are more forgiving of wacky patterns and prints, as well. You can test out your design curiosities — animal prints, pinks, bold stripes or graphics.

Tip: If you prefer simple décor, only use wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls or on an accent wall, or just use a border.

5. Swap Out Towels and Rugs
Nothing says luxury like a soft, plush set of bathroom towels. Spending a little more than usual on good towels definitely pays off. Not only will they last longer, but the difference between a well-made towel and a cheaper choice is noticeable.

For your special oasis, you’ll want soft, fluffy and luxurious towels. Buying a new set of towels also adds personality to a bathroom easily. Whether you decide to stay classic with white or mix and match colors or patterns, towels are a great way to add fast, fun and labor-free décor to your bathroom.

Rugs and bathmats are also ideal for sprucing up dull floors and adding a comfortable feel. You can choose rugs with great bold patterns, or use neutrals to complement your wall color.

6. Add Accessories
After a new coat of paint, shower curtain and towels, it’s the little details that can really up the wow factor. Coordinate your soap dish, toothbrush holder, wastebasket and other accessories. Find sets that match your shower curtain or wallpaper.

Neutrals are wonderful, too — they’ll effortlessly match your walls and towels. Metallic accessories, like gold and chrome, add a touch of luxury without the luxury price tag.

Don’t forget to add finishing touches like candles or fresh flowers, which will make relaxing in the tub at home a truly spa-worthy escape.

Do you have any clever, fast ways to update your bathroom’s look? Share them in the comments section below!

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