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Wall art for the kitchen

Try these 13 decorating ideas to inspire your cooking - and dine in style.

Need some decorating inspiration for your kitchen walls? Let art arouse a delicious vision for your next meal and stir up your own muse when preparing a feast. There’s no end to how you can decorate your kitchen. With a little imagination and effort, it can be a place to express your style as well as your cooking skills.

Check out these creative and whimsical ideas to liven up your kitchen décor:

1. Paintings and photographs
Beautiful still lifes of fruits and vegetables are great choices. Inexpensive prints taken by famous photographers can be found in art supply shops, museum stores or online. Buy affordable original paintings and photographs at street fairs or open studios. Artist interpretations of food and desserts bring bursts of color and playfulness to the space.

2. Travel images
Adorn your walls with travel photographs and postcards from countries around the world with rich food cultures like France, Italy or Thailand. Lush vineyards, exotic farmer's markets, picturesque racks of hanging dried sausages—the subjects are boundless. Frame pictures you’ve taken for an extra personal touch.

3. Family photos
Pick snapshots of lively celebrations—a birthday boy blowing out the candles, toasting an anniversary or the New Year, a family reunion. Enlarge a single strong image and place in a prominent place or a grouping of pictures set in frames of contrasting shapes and sizes.

4. Menus
Frame and mount vintage menus. Look for them at flea markets or cut from cooking magazines. If one of your favorite restaurants has an eye-catching menu, request a copy or see if you can buy it. Then ask if the chef will offer his signature.

5. Vintage kitchen gadgets
Scour secondhand stores, flea markets and yard sales for old-fashioned kitchen tools—a springy whisk, hand-crank eggbeater, copper cake pans and molds. Hang in clusters or feature a unique one.

6. Ceramic or clay tiles and porcelain plates
Decorative tiles and plates come in lots of motifs—fruits, vegetables, abstract or geometric. Latin-influenced designs feature vibrant colors and intricate patterns. Arrange and affix in groups of contrasting sizes and hues.

7. Showcase a collection
Do you collect amusing salt & pepper shakers, unique teapots or small vintage appliances? Display an antique juicer, a charming old toaster or a curious item for a touch of retro charm. It’s sure to be a conversation piece.


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8. Garlands, wreaths and dried bundles
Hang garlic garlands, red-pepper wreaths or dried bunches or stalks of herbs and flowers on walls and over doorways. They add character and enticing aromas to the kitchen when you’re not cooking and come in handy when you need a sprig of spice.

9. Go large
Mount super-size utensils like a fork and spoon, made from wood, papier mâché or metal, in pairs or alone. Hang askew or several in an assemblage.

10. Bottle vases
Secure a grouping of old soda bottles of clear or green glass to the wall with metal fasteners. Add a single flower stem for pretty simplicity.

11. Cooking charts
Mount retro prints of botanical charts illustrating herbs and spices, glossaries of beer, wine labels, cooking terms or advertising posters. Find at cooking supply stores and online.

12. Recipes and cookbooks
Uncover an exotic, rare, intricate or bizarre recipe like spicy cicadas, rattlesnake sausage or alligator stew. Retype it in a visually intriguing font and print onto a textured or color-coordinated paper for framing. If you find a classic out-of-date cookbook with a distinctive cover at a used bookstore, display it on a bookstand or shelf. Let it double as décor and be accessible for reference when needed.

13. Be eclectic
Embellish walls with old movie posters (Babette’s Feast, My Dinner With André, Ratatouille, Chocolat, and Like Water for Chocolate). But there’s no need to limit yourself strictly to food and cooking themes. Dig up signs featuring words like “enjoy” and “service” or sculptural items out of glass or metal or wood. Mix shapes, sizes and texture for a striking flourish.

Let your appetite be your guide!

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