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Vintage Home Ideas

Gabriella Anzalone, architect, explains how to create a unique and retro look in your home.

The first thing to do is decide upon a theme: it is better to avoid the wild-looking mix & match look if you are not a proper expert. It is risky, for instance, to randomly mix the bon ton of the 50s with the pop of the 60s and the decadent chic of the 70s. Generally speaking, it is better to choose an era and style which is inspiring to you. If necessary, you can play around by changing the inspiration from room to room.

  • Focal point

Every room should have a "focal point", a specific point that immediately captures the eye and expresses the mood of the environment upon first glance. In a house that is styled on the early 60s, the living area should have a corner with a floral print seat, a wooden coffee table on which to rest an old telephone handset, pops of color, with some vinyl discs.

  • Warmth and soft lighting

The lighting design should respect the warmth of the room. The main characteristic of vintage really is its “warmth” as vintage objects have a history and nostalgic charm. It is essential to have several light sources at varying heights in order to provide ambiance and create a soft lighting effect. Not forgetting that the chandelier itself is a highly distinctive piece of furniture.


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  • "Bright" names to discover

Some names from which to find inspiration? Let's start with the 1950s, with chrome-plated steel lamps painted by the designer Alvar Aalto or metallic lamps by Serge Mouille. The 60s saw the arrival of the classic arc floor lamps, which have seen a revival in the last few years, Arcos and Tolomeo, not forgetting the Falkland, suspended from the ceiling and highly fashionable. The 70s, colorful in other areas, saw a revival of simpler table and floor lamps, including those that were adjustable, which were fun for creating ambiance such as Ipotenusa and Parentesi, designed by Achille Castiglioni. There is no need, of course, to go looking for the originals, but by examining the shapes and lines you will be able to find something similar for your own space.

  • Creative beliefs

A small display of your “memorabilia” and retro items is an easy and inexpensive design feature and is the only way to mix & match. It will help to create warmth and give character to your kitchen, bathroom and, if you have one, hallway. Simply fix three shelves to the wall which each vary in color and thickness and are not too high and not necessarily aligned. Just as you would see in an old shop, you can arrange tin boxes, antique knick knacks, an old teapot, cups and saucers on these shelves. You should really just let yourself be guided by whatever inspires you. Inspiration can also come from the “candy store” or from modern art shops. The important thing is to use this unexpected display to create a feast for the eyes.

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