Tricks of the Thread: Choosing the Right Carpet and Maintaining It.

Tips For Choosing the Right Carpet and Maintaining It.

There are way too many choices when it comes to carpets. Learn how to pick the right carpet for your home decor and maintain it.

Carpets are used everywhere, lending their unique textures and properties to office and home design ideas. Carpets help reduce sound levels and also work well as insulators. What’s more, carpets have the ability to keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them perfect for any climate.

Choose from these types of carpets based on where they will be placed:


Wool is the only natural fibre used extensively in wall-to-wall carpeting.

The characteristics and properties of this wool differs from what’s used in clothing. Though wool is expensive, it is soft and luxurious. Also, if you’re looking for something within a modest budget, wool blended with other fibres like nylon or acrylic works very well.

Wool cleans very well and its fibre structure hides dirt. It is hypo-allergenic which means it reduces or minimizes the possibility of an allergic response.


As far as floor design goes, Nylon was the first synthetic carpet fibre to be used commercially.

In today’s world, almost all synthetic fibres are resistant to stains and ultra-soft too. Nylon carpets are available in myriad colours and styles. It is very resilient and the fibres "bounce back" when walked on. Nylon is tough and also cleans rather easily. Owing to low levels of static, it can be used in any setting, from traffic ridden areas to budget and fancy homes.


Polyester (PET) is an eco-friendly fibre and is made from recycled bottles. So, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon foot-print this is a great option.


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Polyester fibres have colours entrenched in their molecular structures through dyeing. This makes them extremely colourfast even in strong sunlight. This fibre resists stains like nothing else, cleans well and is extremely non-static. Polyester carpets cost lesser than their nylon counterparts but fall short in resilience. Also, PET does not do well with oily spills and that must be avoided as far as possible.


Triexa is like Polyester’s second cousin but unlike Polyester it does not attract oily spills.

Over the last few years, Triexa fibre has become very popular owing to its fade resistant properties. It cleans brilliantly and is available in a huge spectrum of colours and styles. It is as resilient as nylon fibre and priced lower. Take care to clean oily spills carefully else they may just wick and re-appear.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you must always get detailed information about your carpet installation prior to paying for it. It cannot be an afterthought.

Correct Carpet Care:

Use an SOA/Green Label-approved vacuum to clean high traffic areas daily.

Spill and spots must be taken care of immediately with products that don’t harm the carpet. Check out how to clean stained carpets here.

Get your carpets deep-cleaned professionally every year to remove embedded dirt and grime.

Take your shoes off when entering the house.

Minimize airborne dust particles by changing air filters periodically.

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