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Tips for Organizing and Decorating Your Home

Show off your interior design talents and shake up your space.

Tips for Organizing and Decorating Your Home

You can change the look of your home simply by adding a special piece to a room: a carpet, a fireplace or a striking lamp. But if you want to start from zero and go step by step, take note of these suggestions for creating the home of your dreams.

Define your style.
Just as your wardrobe reveals whether you are spontaneous, daring or detail-oriented, your home is also a reflection of your personality. It is crucial to visualize the style you want for your home. If you like warm, cozy spaces, then you might prefer traditional or rustic furnishings: brass lamps, cushy sofas and deep-pile carpets. Other styles to consider are classic, modern, rustic and eclectic.

Choose the “main element.”
In each room, you need to choose a main element to serve as the focal point for the decor. Will it be the color palette or the fabrics? The furniture? Or will the architecture of the house take center stage? Choosing just one element clarifies your options; otherwise, the infinite design possibilities can be overwhelming.

Color palette
The next step is selecting the color palette that best matches the style you have chosen. Experts recommend the use of nontraditional colors; don’t just fall back on the ordinary. Take into account that the color you choose, whether warm or cool, should complement your main element.


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Play with the design
Make a diagram of your house and place the fabric samples and the palette, and then add cutouts of furniture for each room you are going to decorate. Experts say that this is a good time to incorporate your favorite objects: heirlooms, that beloved armoire, your favorite paintings, photographs or travel souvenirs. You can also add any ideas from design magazines to achieve a home that will inspire you.

Create a final version
Many different ideas will appeal to you, so you need to follow a simple rule: if you prefer neutral colors for the walls, then you will have more scope for creativity or audacity with the furniture. But if you choose warm colors for the walls, then your choice of furniture is more limited, since the overall look must harmonize and not clash.

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