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Tips for a perfect living room

15 little tricks to make your living room more inviting.

The living room is the favorite place to spend time in any home. Make it more inviting with 15 simple tips:

Cut out and keep
Cut out pictures of living rooms you find in magazines or file in a folder those you find on the Internet. Is there a better way to be inspired?

Choose a central point
Choose one element of the living room and arrange the room around it. It could be a TV, a coffee table or other furniture that invites living together.

A living room with too many things can be just as uncomfortable as a living room with nothing. Remove anything from the living room that is there just to occupy space and is bothersome.

Move things away from the wall
Not everything has to be against a wall. Placing shelving and TV furniture next to the wall allows you to save space, placing a sofa next to a wall will just create work.

Make a place for everyone
A small living room should have space for at least 6 people to sit. If your living room is large, divide it into sections and apply the same rule to each one.

A good rug is vital in any living room. Choose one that matches the color of your sofas well and does not clash with the rest of the furniture.

The colors and style of the curtains should not clash with the rest of the living room. Choose curtains the same color as the most dominant piece of furniture in the room.

Paintings and/or Pictures
You can accent your living room with paintings and/or pictures but never put them where they can not be seen.


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If you want to place a mirror in the living room, do not put it where your guests are constantly reflected in it.

No room is complete without the proper lighting. Choose a lamp that goes well with the rest of the living room motif. If you have a modern living room, a classic lamp will be too much of a contrast.

Plants give life to any part of the house and the living room is no exception. Avoid plastic plants.

Leave some space
It is vital to leave space between furniture so people can move around without bumping into things. If this space is hard to come by, that is an indication that the living room is too full.

Decorative objects serve to reinforce the theme of your living room. Add some but be careful not to overfill the room.

Add color to your walls
White walls seem to have no life. You can paint with one or more warmer tones to give more presence to your room.

Leave it with a good aroma
No matter how good a living room looks, nobody wants to enter if it does not smell good. Use Ambipur 3volution for the perfect environment to always be present or Ambipur Air Effects to leave the air fresh, breathable and inviting.

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