Smart Design Hacks for an Ergonomically Smarter Kitchen.

Smart Design Hacks for an Ergonomically Smarter Kitchen.

Lately, the trend is to focus on the aesthetics of modular kitchen design rather than its functionality, which is actually the most important aspect.

Believe it or not, the kitchen is where a woman spends most of her day, whatever be the size of her family. Apart from the three basic meals, there are tea breaks, mid meal snacks and so much more. And you will be surprised to know how much of a toll this takes on your body with all that walking, bending, kneeling, stretching.

An ergonomic kitchen is all about making your work effortless. It approaches kitchen design by evaluating each and every element to optimize movements and minimize the stress put on the body (however strong or healthy you might be) while performing everyday kitchen activities.

Irrespective of the size and layout of your specific kitchen, ergonomics divides it into these 5 pivotal zones:

1. Food storage area

The food storage area in your kitchen comprises your refrigerator, freezer and the cabinets that store non-perishable foods. A good way to maximize the utility of this area is by constructing a counter surface right beside the refrigerator. Why? Well, one of the major problems of having the fridge far away from your kitchen counter is you end up leaving the fridge door ajar for long or worse, opening and closing it multiple times just to take food out or put groceries in your fridge. This affects the cooling power of the fridge.

2. Main storage area

This is where you should squirrel away all your dishes, serving plates, glasses, cutlery and containers; basically, non-food items. Construct your kitchen in a way that this area stays in close proximity to your dining table and dishwasher. It’s all plain common sense really!


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3. Cleaning area

Comprising a dishwasher and sink, this is generally the least favourite area, for obvious reasons. Which is why, it needs to help you get the cleaning done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensure that all your cleaning supplies are easy to reach and well-organized. This way, you can wind up the least interesting chores the quickest.

4. Food preparation zone

This can be a really fun area in your kitchenbut only if your utensils, chopping blocks, oils and masalasare all well-organized in this zone.

5. Cooking area

This area can make or break your passion for cooking depending on how well it has been organized. Firstly, your cooking area must comprise a cooktop and hood. Secondly, ensure you plan the cooking area in such a way thatthere’s ample space for things like cooking utensils, lids, pans and potsto be stacked neatly underneath the cooktop.Don that apron and toque chef!

By using these kitchen interior design hacks to optimize your kitchen space, you will also be maximizing your efficiency in it, and minimizing your stress levels. Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it!

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