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Savvy Small Space Work Space

The ideal multi-functional furniture piece for small spaces.

Use this desk unit as a side table or place it behind a sofa or in a dining area to double as a server – or position it under a staircase for the ultimate use of space.

Shopping list:

44 x 44mm pine cut to:

  • four 820mm (server legs)
  • two 760mm (desk front legs)
  • two 685mm (desk back legs)
  • one 1012mm (server back brace)
  • two 362mm (server side braces)

44 x 22mm pine cut to:

  • four 362mm (server side supports)
  • four 292mm (desk side supports)
  • two 1012mm (front and back supports under server)
  • one 970mm (back edge of desk ‘ stopper’ )
  • one 882mm (back support under desk)

16mm fibreboard cut to:

  • one 1100 x 450mm (server tabletop)
  • one 970 x 380mm (desk tabletop)
  • two 362 x 160mm (server side panels)
  • two 292 x 96mm (desk side panels)
  • one 116 x 878mm (desk drawer front panel)
  • one 878 x 96mm (desk drawer back panel)
  • two 278 x 96mm (desk drawer side panels)
  • one 846 x 278mm (desk drawer bottom panel)
  • two 450 x 450mm (cube seat, top and bottom)
  • two 450 x 345mm (cube seat sides)
  • one 414 x 340mm (cube drawer front panel)
  • two 350 x 316mm (cube drawer sides)
  • one 388 x 316mm (cube drawer back panel)
  • one 356 x 350mm (cube drawer bottom panel)


  • wood glue
  • 50mm chipboard screws (to fix pine joins)
  • 35mm dry wall screws (to fix MDF joins)
  • 15mm chipboard screws (to fix plate fitting castors, drawer runners)
  • 50mm coach screws (to fix single bolt fitting castors)
  • two 75mm swivel castors with single bolt fitting
  • four 75mm swivel castors with plate fitting
  • 350mm heavy duty drawer runners
  • 300mm heavy duty drawer runners
  • 120 grit sandpaper
  • wood filler
  • primer and paint
  • paintbrush or foam roller


  • drill
  • 5mm drill bit, combination countersink drill bit
  • tri-square
  • jigsaw
  • 10mm spanner
  • mitre clamp
  • G-clamp
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • spatula

Project notes
Paint the entire framework white to make furniture appear smaller.
The pull-out desk extends the work area with one easy action and all the components tuck away just as niftily.

Get started - Make the server

Step 1 - Lay the 820 x 44mm lengths side by side and mark a line 22mm from the ends, then draw 22mm-wide bands 160mm apart. Mark a 44mm-wide band 75mm from the opposite ends.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space Step 1 Step 2

Step 2 - Make the framework by fixing the respective 44mm and 22mm lengths, as shown. Drill pilot holes then glue and screw them using the 50mm screws. TIP: Use mitre clamps or a tri-square to ensure right angles.


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Step 3 - Place the 1100 x 450mm MDF top onto your work surface then turn the framework upside down before placing it on top. Glue and screw in position (using the 35mm drywall screws) after first drilling pilot holes.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space Step 3 Step 4

Step 4 - Repeat the same process to construct the desk framework. Fix the 970mm rail/‘ stopper’ to the back edge of the desk top, as shown, before fixing it to the framework (see step 3).

Step 5 - Use the 5mm drill bit to drill a pilot hole before fixing the single bolt swivel castors to the shorter back legs of the desk.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space Step 5 Step 6

Step 6 - Use the 10mm spanner to tighten the coach screws.

Step 7 - Fix the side panels to both the server and the desk, using glue and screws where needed.

Small Space Work Space Step 7

Working drawing

Small Space Work Space Working drawing

Construct the drawers

Step 8 - Mark a 120 x 22mm section at both ‘ top’ corners of the desk drawer front panel (116 x 878mm) and in one corner of the cube drawer front panel (414 x 340mm). Then use the jigsaw to cut away these corners. Continue to construct both drawers using the same techniques outlined in previous steps.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space Step 8 Step 9

Step 9 - Mark lines 16mm from the edges of the 450 x 450mm pieces. Then drill pilot holes before fixing these together using the 35mm drywall screws. Use the mitre clamp to ensure it is constructed at right angles.

Fitting the drawer runners
This is probably the more difficult part of this project, but these simple steps will make it go smoothly.

Step 10 - Separate the runners and release the clip to remove the last section. Position the inner runners, with the front edge recessed 16mm from the front edge of the opening. You will have to slide the runners apart to fix these in position.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space

Position the last section onto the bottom edge of the drawer.
Make sure to use the oval holes, which will allow you to fine tune the position of the drawer.
Adjust the runners on the drawer, so that the drawer front sits level with the opening.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space Steps 10

Step 11 - Fix the swivel castors with plate fitting to the bottom of the cube, using the 15mm chipboard screws.

Small Space Work Space Small Space Work Space

Step 12 - Fill all the holes and crevices with wood filler and once dry, lightly sand these and the edges. Apply a primer to all the surfaces. Once dry, apply one or two topcoats in the colour(s) of your choice.

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Small Space Work Space Finished desk unit

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