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How to turn a flower bucket into an umbrella holder

It's not usually the first thing that people think of when decorating their homes but an umbrella stand ? especially one that has been customised ? is an essential piece of furniture for any home.


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How not to: Leaving umbrellas all over the hallway not only looks messy but can make the floor slippery if it has been raining, which can be very dangerous.
Plan: To make a customised umbrella holder, you will need:

  • a zinc flower bucket
  • three different colours sticky-back plastic
  • scissors
  • a marker pen

Step one: Draw out three rectangular designs on the different sheets of sticky-back plastic. You decide on the size and style ? just make sure they fit together on the front of the bucket.
Step two: Cut out your plastic designs with scissors
Step three: Stick the pieces to the flower bucket, smoothing them down carefully to avoid any air bubbles.
After: See? Making a pretty umbrella stand is just as easy as it is to use it.

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