How to Declutter Your Home With Personalised Stair Boxes @ Reward Me

How To Declutter Your Home With Personalised Stair Boxes

It's always easier to keep your house tidy if you put things back in the correct place as you go along. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible, especially if you have children, which is why these personalised stair boxes are such a great idea.


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How to Make Personalised Stair Boxes @ Reward Me
How not to: We know these things need to go upstairs but why should they cause such a mess on the stairs? Step 1 @ Reward Me
Plan: To make a personalised stair box you will need:
  • one cardboard box per person (make sure the width of the box is no bigger than the width of your staircase steps)
  • double-sided sticky tape
  • patterned washi tape
  • parcel labels (with string)
  • different types of leftover wallpaper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a photo of each stair box recipient

Step one:ÿMeasure the length, width and height of each box and mark out the measurements on the wallpaper. Cut carefully and then stick the wallpaper to each box using the double-sided tape.Step 2 @ Reward MeStep two: Use the washi tape to add a decorative trim to the upside of each box.

Step three: Take the family pictures and use a pencil to draw a circle around each person?s head. If you need a stencil, you the base of the washi tape.
Step 3 @ Reward Me
Step four: Cut out the circular headshots and stick each one to a different parcel label with some craft glue.
Step 4 @ Reward Me
Step five: Finally, stick each label to a different box, securing the string inside each box with some tape. Hang the label over the side so that everyone can clearly see which box belongs to whom.Step 5 @ Reward Me
After: Say goodbye to clutter with these orderly stair boxes which will hold everybody's bits and pieces until they are ready to be returned to the right place.

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