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Want to make a change at home but don’t know where to start?

Our friends at Ocado have teamed up with interiors stylish Sophie Martell to bring you their top tips and ideas that make the makeover game surprisingly simple. It’s paintbrushes at dawn!

If you want to freshen things up a bit at home without starting from scratch...
You can paint a wall and add colourful cushions to match for a whole new look. It’s so easy and if you don’t like it, you can always just paint it back.

If you keep seeing things in magazines but don’t want to fall in a passing trend trap...
Home trends aren’t like fashion, they change much more slowly. Certain colours and looks have been evolving for a while, so you keep adding to and updating them. And you don’t have to worry that giving your living room a makeover this year will make it out of date next year. There are three ongoing trends worth looking out for at the moment: Marine Salvage; The Good Life; and Floral Brights.

Marine Salvage
This trend adopts a subtle Scandinavian mood. It looks and feels natural with materials ranging from linen to wood and even metal. It can be quite a clean a sparse look, but lots of textured fabrics stop it being cold. There is something a bit vintage about it too, which is a trend that has been around for a while.

The Good Life
Vintage styling also plays into this trend, which is quite craftsy and takes on that make-do-and-mend aesthetic with chunky knitted cushions, patchworks and fun splashes of colour.

Floral Brights
More modern than the other two ongoing trends, Floral Brights plays with bold, acid colours like fuchsia, lime, turquoise, pinks and yellows. It’s bold and painterly.


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If you’re a complete beginner wondering where to start...
Begin with a neutral base and then pick accents from a colour palette. To create the Marine Salvage look, work with natural shades of putty and hessian then bring in hints of blue and red. Pick out clever, classic accessories like coloured glass jugs and stainless steel lighting, which can fit in with a few different looks should you change your mind. If you want to make a real statement and are feeling brave, paint a wall with wide and white stripes.

If you want to make your budget go further...
Bring things that you already have into the mix. If you go for the Marine Salvage look in a big way you can scrub down an old table, or paint a chair. Look in jumble sales for old utility type furniture, like school chairs or factory benches. Pick up wooden crates and old rope (really!) where you can. Collect glass bottles and Kilner jars (Set of 3 Clip-Top 1L Kilner Jars £10 83692011). Frame a map and hang it on the wall – even if it’s a battered old Ordinance Survey map.

Savvy Tip
Why not get the kids involved with your Marine Salvage look. Add as much ‘seaside’ as you like by collecting pebbles on walks or driftwood found on the beach.

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