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One of the most useful items in the home, coat racks or hat stands, aren’t only needed in the entrance hall or passage; they’re perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms too.

Whether it’s for practical use or a focal point, every house should have a coat rack or hat stand. They can be used everywhere in the house from entrance halls and passages, to bedrooms and bathrooms. And let’s not forget the kitchen: here, it can be very handy; simply hang pots on it for a practical focal point. In the bedroom you can use it as a display item by hanging jewellery and beads on it, or use it to show off your collection of scarves or hats. Coat racks are also very practical for the children’s room: hang toys such as skipping ropes and hoola hoops on it. In the bathroom it is great for hanging towels and in the passage, it can be used for bags, coats and caps.

Did you know?
Michael Thonet, a 19th century German furniture maker, best known as the inventor of Bentwood furniture, is the father of the popular coat rack design. The most popular one is the Bentwood coat rack he designed in 1849 for Café Daum in Vienna. In Victorian times coat racks were also a status symbol of high society and were therefore displayed in the entrance hall of homes so that passers-by could see them through the windows. This action spoke louder than words as it indicated that the homeowner cared about themselves and their guests.

Make a statement
Make a décor statement with your coat rack by choosing one that suits your personality. For example, pair a modern one with minimalist straight lines and an antique chair in your entrance hall for an interesting individual touch. If you appreciate a more classic style, go for an antique coat rack paired with an antique chair.

Size matters
It’s important to be aware of the size of a room when you buy a coat rack. Height, on the other hand, is determined by the height of the users, for example will children or adults be using it? If you are space deprived you could opt for a coat rack that can be mounted against a wall.


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Make your own
Feel free to try and make your own coat rack or hat stand. If a free-standing unit has no appeal, try making one to mount against the wall: buy a length of plank from your nearest hardware store, paint it, screw in some hooks of your choice and mount it against the wall and you have your very own coat rack in a flash. Hang some hearts, accessories or you’re your granddad’s old hat to add your personal style to it. 

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