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Glass Bottle Pendant Lights

Cut the bottom of a glass bottle for a unique and stylish pendant light.

Design your own lighting using a glass bottle and a pendant light kit that can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Glass bottle (bottles with thicker glass work best)
Glass cutter
Pendant light kit
Bucket of ice water
Bucket of boiling hot water
Safety glasses
Glass tapper (optional)
150-grit sandpaper
Dry erase marker


  1. With a dry erase marker, mark the bottom of the glass bottle where you will remove the base.
  2. Put on a pair of safety glasses and gloves. Place the glass cutter on the bottle, making sure the blade is touching the dry erase mark that you drew.
  3. Keep the glass cutter stable as you slowly turn the glass bottle, making one continuous full revolution. Be sure to push the bottle snug against the glass-cutting blade.

Tip: Once scored, the bottle will still be intact. Do not cut the bottle more than once. It is important to have one, clean, scored line.


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  1. Submerge the scored glass bottle in a bucket of boiling hot water for 10 seconds and remove. Immediately submerge the bottle in the ice water for 10 seconds. Repeat until the bottom of the bottle is released.

Tip: If it takes a while for the glass to break, remove the bottle from the buckets and insert a glass tapper into the top of the bottle. Gently tap the sides of bottle (below the scored line) with the tapper to speed up the cracking process.

  1. Once the bottom has broken off, lay a piece of 150-grit sandpaper face up onto your working space. With one hand holding the sandpaper in place and the other hand holding the bottle, rub the bottom of the bottle on the sandpaper until the cut edges are smooth to touch.
  2. Place the pendant light socket inside the bottle and thread the cord through the neck of the bottle, allowing the bottleneck to sit snuggly on top of the light bulb socket.

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