Easy Design Styles: 5 Simple Tips for a Moroccan Vibe

Give your home an exotic vibe this Diwali with these decor tips

Add a Moroccan vibe to your home décor with our five easy design ideas.

Morocco is the perfect décor inspiration, especially since it’s exotic, warm and coastal. Nothing is dull or dreary with a touch of festive Moroccan décor. There are so many different ways to style a home with a Moroccan vibe — use this guide to help you go bold or stay soft with simple accents.

1. Use Rich Jewel Tones
The easiest way to create a Moroccan-inspired space is to add colour. Don’t be shy!

  • Mix bold tones like reds, pinks, oranges, golds and purples to create an exciting and vibrant colour scheme
  • Use furniture and accent pieces like coloured side tables to keep a consistent feel throughout
  • Colour-coordinate furniture to make the room look thoughtful and well-designed no matter what

2. Choose Octagon, Circles & Keyhole Shapes
All of these shapes are used throughout traditional Moroccan décor. Circular leather ottomans or octagonal wooden end tables add interesting detail to any room. Round pillows and decorative accents like vases with bulb shapes and even octagonal trays are low-cost ways to add this style to existing décor.

Traditionally, the keyhole pattern can usually be found in the shape of entryways orwindows. Instead of changing your windows or doors, adapt this by adding tables, lamps or lanterns with a similar shape.

3. Decorate with Low Furniture
Low tables, sofas or chairs look great with this style of décor and add a modern touch. Having low furniture makes the lounge and oasis elements of Morocco come to life. Pick pieces that will work well with bright colours or bold patterns. If you’re on a tight budget, floor cushions are a perfect solution.

4. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
When a room is overflowing with pillows, it feels plush, comfy and luxurious. Mix and match several pillows on a sofa, bed, outdoor patio furniture or even a cosy nook in a corner.


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Tip: Sit on the floor on a pile of brightly coloured plush pillows for a treat and welcome change of pace.

5. Incorporate Printed Fabrics
Moroccan patterns like quatrefoil or lattice are detailed and beautiful. You can recognize any of these by the way the shapes intertwine. If you prefer a more neutral décor, mix these patterns in whites, metallics, greys or browns to achieve an understated Moroccan look.

Blend all of these different details or stick to just one of them. The great thing about Moroccan style is that it allows for so much creativity! Adding pieces of the culture will make for a vibrant and a wonderful escape, right in your home.

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