Minimalistic bedroom interiors @  Reward Me

Design Bedroom Interiors in Graphically Minimalist Style

Let your personality lead you to a bedroom that reflects your style.

Carry your personality and style to your place of rest with these great decoration ideas.

Graphically Minimalist

Minimalist Bedroom wall decoration @ Reward Me Graphically minimalist

Set the Scene

Layer your bedroom with pale colours, blond wood, cream, dark grey and white to create a welcoming and restful space. The flowing lines of items like the lampshade and chair add a feminine touch to this otherwise stark canvas. Instead of using a headboard, place your bed under the window and let the natural light streaming through the curtains feature as a backdrop.


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Minimalist bed decoration @ Reward Me Graphically minimalist
Minimalist chusion arrangement @ Reward Me Graphically minimalist
Minimalist display units @ Reward Me Graphically Minimalist

Tip: Choose the right shade of white paint for the walls – warmer or cooler shades can make a huge difference to the finished effect.

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