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The foundation of decorating any room is the floor, whether hardwood, travertine or tile. New innovative techniques have turned traditional floors upside down, laying the groundwork to create distinctive looks for your home décor.

When deciding to re-floor a room, from the kitchen or bath to a recreational area, tile is an easy-care, easy-installation choice. An endless array of materials is available to fit any taste and color palate, from warm and casual to sleek and sophisticated or sustainably “green.” Today’s designs for flooring reflect advances in technology, including tiles that even interact with your feet.

The latest flooring products offer luxurious materials, exotic effects, even illuminated tiles. Discover what’s underfoot with these intriguing and imaginative ideas:

1. Painted concrete tiles

The age-old process of painting concrete has become a trendy choice in flooring. Traditionally made in geometric motifs, it now features contemporary patterns, textured surfaces and vivid effects. Specialty stains can make grey garage flooring resemble polished marble, stone or brick, and custom designs allow for endless possibilities. A big advantage is the indoor-outdoor versatility of floor tiles that can go from kitchen to patio. This industrial material is long lasting, cost-effective, adaptable and decorative.

2. Leather tiles

Perfect for a library or den, leather-tile floors add a rich warmth and classy sensibility to any room (but the kitchen or bath). Choose smooth or textured, as well as python or crocodile grains—modern tanning and dying offer a wide selection to match your décor. The refined luxe look can be arranged in standard block layouts, herringbone or a variety of patterns, and leather's wearability creates a natural patina that improves with age. Seem impractical? No cleaning necessary: just dust, wax and buff.

3. Backlit tiles

You’ll want to dance with your floor all lit up. Embedded LED lights offer a dramatic flooring effect whether under glass tiles or as accent pieces inserted in natural stone. This unique light source can be activated by motion sensors or wireless controls. Another unique version can be created with backlit onyx tiles. The glowing light behind a translucent layer of stone radiates an appealing warmth in bathrooms, bedrooms or living rooms.


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4. Porcelain tiles

Elegant porcelain is a versatile tile that can have the appearance of hardwood, polished stone or even metallic finishes with digitally created designs. Faux wood tiles range from driftwood to exotic striped zebrawood. Porcelain tiles can also imitate trendy concrete or popular slate, so no matter what your home décor, any look is possible. Care couldn’t be simpler: water alone cleans this flooring.

5. Bio-based tiles

One of today's hottest trends is using reclaimed wood on floors, even recycled wine barrels for a warm, timeworn patina. Natural materials like rubber, cork or other plant-based tiles are growing in popularity for their sustainability, durability and even hypoallergenic qualities. Natural bio-based tiles are manufactured with cornstarch and soybean oil mixed into materials, using less-toxic synthetics that reduce the use of petroleum and greenhouse gas emissions.

6. Futuristic flooring

Advances in technology have given rise to cutting-edge flooring with touch-sensitive glazes, tiles that purify the air and liquid-filled tiles. Transparent vinyl contains colorful liquids that swirl when stepped upon for a kinetic experience in nightclubs. Used in a bathroom or around a pool the changing colors will fascinate children.

Warm up and soften the feel of tile floors with an area rug that adds a finishing touch of color and pulls your room together.

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