Design Styles: 6 Art Deco Ideas

6 Ideas For Art Deco Style Homes

Explore these six easy ideas to give your home an art deco feel.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the art deco design style, though elements of the theme are classic and have always been in style. Find out how you can incorporate art deco into your home with these simple tips and ideas.

1. Embellish with Simple Accessories
Add sparkle with a pair of crystal candlesticks, a brightly coloured tray or bowl on a console, or by displaying a collection of metal trinkets. Mirrors are an integral element of the art deco style. Group mirrors of different sizes together on a wall, or use a large mirror with a geometric frame behind a sofa or buffet.

To complete the look, choose modern furniture with straight edges to display your accessories.

2. Patterns are Key
Art deco patterns are bold, contrasting and geometric. Add a pair of zigzag patterned pillows to your sofa or glue a geometric trim to the edge of your curtains for quick and easy flair.

3. Spruce up the Lighting
Glamor is the name of the game in art deco, so anything bright and shiny goes.

  • Choose matte brass fixtures (rather than polished brass) with etched glass covers to truly capture the style
  • Use chrome whenever possible; chrome was a new metal when art deco first became popular and was used often
  • Try flush-mount lighting fixtures with geometric patterns; they work perfectly for stationary lighting
  • For lamps, consider brightly coloured stained glass

4. Go Bold in Bathrooms and Kitchens
The boldness of the art deco period heavily influenced the tile choices of the era. No beige here! Use black and white geometric patterns and overall contrasting colors. Add in a bright accent colour such as red or orange to your black and white scheme and give yourself a beautifully art deco influenced bathroom or kitchen.


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5. Don’t Be Scared of Colour
Even though the art deco period is known for its strength of colour, that doesn’t necessarily mean wall colour.

  • Paint walls cream or white, and use the furniture and accessories around the room to provide the colourful contrast
  • Incorporate red, green, yellow, blue and pink as classic accent colours
  • Throw in some glamorous metal accessories to complete the scheme

6. Choose an Art Deco Rug
The key to achieving a simple art deco look on your floor is the rug you choose. Choose a bold, geometric pattern or faux animal skin prints and layer them over a larger rug to frame a seating area. Place your art deco-inspired rug under a metal coffee table to add texture and complete the look.

While the look itself can be considered a throwback, art deco styling is both elegant and functional. With these tips, you can tailor your décor to get the best of both worlds!

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