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Design a Family Friendly Kitchen

If you cherish the idea that your kitchen is the heart of your home, you may feel the workload of keeping it clean and tidy is overwhelming. A few tips can help transform your kitchen into a low-maintenance area. Here are kitchen design ideas for fashioning the perfect space for your family to gather, eat and live.

Check in with patterns

You love paisley; dots are your fancy, cute prints amuse your children? Great, think about them when purchasing your kitchen linen. Fabrics with patterns conveniently conceal stains, making your towels, tablecloths or fabric placemats look okay a little longer. If rebellious stains still remain after washing, you will be glad to note that they are far less visible on a patterned fabric than on a solid colour fabric.

Select easy-living fabrics

Make sure everything is machine-washable by selecting natural fibres such as cotton or linen. To make things even easier, stick to one colour theme. All your fabric items may then conveniently be washed together in the same machine load – on top of that, it will give a nice aesthetic consistency to your kitchen.

Make way for air!

Chase away unnecessary fabrics: long tablecloths or chair skirts may look fancy but they are also best friends with dust and pet hair. They will also be a bore when it’s vacuum time, hindering access beneath and around them.


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Gloss is your friend

We are not talking about lipstick here, but about high-gloss paint. Remember, the higher the gloss level, the more washable the paint. Glossy paints are not diluted by water, so you will be able to give a good wash with water and your favourite FAIRY product. Besides, the gloss finish leaves grease and stains on the surface, whereas matte-finish paints tend to absorb them. This is especially important if your table or your stove is close to a wall that’s not protected by tiles or a sideboard.

Place an area rug in your busiest zones

Stirring pots, eating meals and cleaning dishes tend to produce a fair share of crumbs, drops and spots. Consider placing area rugs in your kitchen’s critical areas such as the dining table, stove and sink areas. 
Select them in dark colours, with patterns and ensure they are machine-washable. Also make sure they have an anti-slippery sole to avoid any accident. Place a large rug under your kitchen table avoiding both breakages and floor damaging. In the long run, it will also protect your wooden or tiled floor from the constant scratch of chair feet. Place a smaller one in front of your sink and stove, or even better, a long one linking both your working areas. You will also be happy to see how your area rugs will warm up the atmosphere as well as cold feet in wintertime.

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