Decorating Basics: Pillows

Decorate With Different Types Of Pillows

From the living room to the bedroom, choose the right pillows for your space.

They’re comfy and cosy, but pillows can also be fashion-forward and the perfect finishing touch for a variety of home design and décor ideas. Since there are so many to choose from, check out this breakdown by style, size, function and more, all to help you pick the perfect pillow for any space.

Bedroom Pillows
Sleeping pillows make great bedroom décor elements. They come in three basic varieties. Choose a texture, and then opt for either standard/queen size — perfect for twin, double and queen beds — or king size. 

  • Feather: Made from real feathers, these pillows are extremely soft and beloved for their ability to fold and conform into different shapes. Unlike down or synthetic pillows, feather varieties tend to have a relatively “flat” texture.
  • Down: The down feathers are a softer, more delicate layer found under a bird’s exterior coat. Down is lighter and fluffier than regular feather pillows, plus it traps and retains heat well, which explains down pillows tendency to be the most expensive.
  • Synthetic: Many bed pillows come in synthetic varieties, like memory foam, gel and basic filling. They are less expensive than feather or down pillows and tend to retain a firmer shape.

Have fun picking out colourful cases for your pillows. You can opt for a standard pillowcase or go for a European sham, which features a thicker border called a “flange.” Try layering Euro shams and standard pillows for a plush look.

Decorative Pillows

Accent pillows sit well in any space — pile them on the bed, atop a couch, refresh a nook or rest a single statement pillow on an armchair. 

  • By shape: Look at the shape of your furniture piece, then echo it or play against it. For example, if your sofa has a sloping silhouette, fill it with an abundance of square-shaped pillows. Or, offset your bed’s square shams with circular button pillows or a cylindrical bolster pillow.
  • By size: Be sure your accent pillows stand up to the size of your furniture. An extra-small pillow might feel lost in an oversized armchair, but by grouping three together, the proportions feel right.
  • By colour: With so many accent pillows to choose from, mix and match. Start with a single pattern, and then use it as a reference point for adding more pillows in solid colours and simpler patterns. If you want to go more understated, choose pillows in a few different shades of the same colour, like Kelly, emerald and olive green.

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If you have an old accent pillow that could you use updating, try recovering it in a stylish fabric with our easy no-sew project steps.

Seating Pillows
Forget folding chairs — stylish floor pillows are the perfect solution for creating additional seating in a snap. Use them for movie night, kids’ play date or sports parties. 

  • Floor Pillow: They come in a few different sizes and durable fabrics in virtually every colour. Go bold, or choose ones in a neutral material that will work with the décor in any room of your home.
  • Going camping? Bring along a few floor pillows to create comfy seating for your family while hanging out inside your tent.
  • Pouf: You may not have heard of them, but poufs are a big trend in home décor. These large circular pillows can be easily moved from room to room and work well as an extra seat or ottoman. They’re available in lots of soft, woven textures, but be on the lookout for Moroccan Poufs — they feature stitched or embroidered leather and exotic details, making them extra durable and easy to clean!

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