Decorating Basics: Bedrooms

5 Bedroom Décor Ideas

Create the bedroom of your dreams with these decorating tips and ideas.

You spend nearly a third of your time in the bedroom, but it often gets the least attention — until now! Follow these seven rules to take your bedroom from a forgotten catchall to calm, restful escape. Plus, learn little budget-friendly ways to refresh the look and feel.

The bedroom is for rest and relaxation, and clutter only causes stress. So organize first, then furnish and decorate, all the while keeping these seven guidelines in mind:

1. Don’t Overcrowd It
Start with the essentials: A bed, nightstand and dresser. If that fills the space — stop there. If it feels sparse, add a few functional accents, like a full-length mirror, floor lamp or storage chest.

Furniture should be appropriately sized for the space, too — think a short headboard in a low-ceilinged room.

2. Unplug
Your bedroom should be a stress-free zone and that means unplugging. Rid this restful space of computers, files, exercise equipment and other distractions.

3. Colour Matters
This isn’t the place for loud, statement-making colour. Instead, pull from a calming monochromatic palette of soft purples, blues or greens. If you prefer warmer hues, opt for comforting earth tones.

4. Less is More
Too many accessories can make the room feel chaotic, so take a minimalist approach. For instance, one oversized framed photograph above the bed, a trio of bud vases on the nightstand and a small sculpture on the dresser.

5. Indulge Your Other Senses
Don’t just please the eyes. Delight other senses with luxuriously soft bedding, pillows and rugs; a stereo for playing comforting tunes; and a tea-making station or bedside water carafe.


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6. Let it Shine
Layer different types of lighting throughout the room: Ambient lighting to illuminate the entire area, task lighting to read and see what’s inside drawers, and accent lighting to set the mood. Dimmers, separate switches and adjustable bases help you tailor lighting to different tasks, letting you easily go from bright for getting ready to dim for sipping bedtime tea.

7. Look Up
Add visual interest to the ceiling with a chandelier or mobile. Even painting it a lighter shade of the wall colour improves the view as you lie in bed.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Refresh the look and feel of your bedroom with easy, budget-friendly updates: 

  1. Makeover the dresser: From a fresh coat of paint to new drawer pulls, little dresser alterations have big impact.
  2. Change the window treatments: Hang “new” curtains made from repurposed kitchen textiles, or simply add a blackout liner.
  3. Introduce a new scent: Nothing transports us to another time and place quite like scent. Change the scent, and you change the entire tone of the room!
  4. Make it yours: Turn a spare corner into a reading, relaxation or vanity nook, or put a pampering kit — a tray topped with lotion, an eye pillow and your current read — by the bed.
  5. Redo your headboard: Because the bed’s a natural focal point, new upholstery or wallpaper on the headboard has an immediate effect.

Although it might not seem like a huge undertaking, all these little updates put together can transform your bedroom into a place you look forward to going at the end of the day. 

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