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Cool Kitchen Trends For 2015

If you are tired of cramped spaces and want to update your kitchen, 2015 is the perfect time to do it. Homeowners can choose to refurbish or build a brand new kitchen.

2015 might just be the year for you to take the plunge and update the most important room in your home – the kitchen.  But first, look around and see what you need and want the space to look like.  The next step is to talk to a professional and find out what it will cost. 

Kitchen Décor in 2015

Airy and Open:  If you live in an apartment and space is a premium, an airy kitchen will make the space look more inviting.  A combination of open shelving and cabinets help the kitchen to be functional and also put away things you don’t want displayed. 

Wallpaper:  Wallpaper is back in style again.  It offers great visual impact in small amounts.  You can enhance architectural elements and also add colour to the space.  In fact, some designers are even using wallpaper on ceilings to create a striking contrast.

Modern and Traditional:  Take your pick from designs which combine countertops made from natural stone, cabinet with wood and glass doors. Would you consider getting glass backsplashes in eye-catching colours? Buy chrome fittings or even nickel brushed ones to coordinate with your cooking range.

Ceiling Designs:  There’s a lot of emphasis on ceilings in terms of style.  These can be adapted to suit your space.  Recessed lighting and floating ceilings are a wonderful way to add character and interest. Combined with an island, it would be a great way to use space. 

Incorporating Colours and Textures:


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Colours: Warm colours are very much in and expect to see metallic like copper, gold and burnished bronze.  These could be incorporated by using furniture like bar stools, fittings like taps and even cabinet handles. Think of ways to add that pop of colour and warmth into your kitchen’s décor.

Texture is very much in.  It could be added to countertops or cabinets.  Expect to see more of natural finishes instead of smooth and glossy ones.

Walls & Cabinets: Using black for the cabinets and furniture is a fantastic way to make a statement – classic and sophisticated.  Using gray in smaller spaces will lighten it up.  The monochromatic look is in and adds visual interest.

Colourful sinks:  Make a bold statement by choosing a copper sink over a stainless steel one.  Not sure?  Then choose the standard white or stainless steel sink and add a touch of colour by choosing fixtures that coordinate with the cabinets.

There are many ways to add personal touches and stay within a budget.  Most homeowners want trend proof flooring options so that they can spend on other aspects of kitchen décor.  Enjoy planning your new kitchen and using it for a long time.

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