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11 Amazing DIY Christmas Decorations In Minutes

Christmas is round the corner and if you still haven’t bought your decorations, there’s no need to worry. They’re already in the house.

Who doesn’t love the magic of Christmas!  It’s a great reason to add some winter home décor and if you round up your friends and family to help you, it can turn into a jolly fun event. 

These easy-to-make, budget friendly Christmas decorations can be made with things lying around the house, and in minutes.

11 Interesting DIY Christmas Decorations

  1. Bow wreath:  Take a handful of colourful ribbons and tie them into pretty bows.  Paste on a wreath cut out of Styrofoam.  The beauty is in the colours you use.
  2. Formal chairs:  Cover your chairs with some lovely satin and wrap a big bow around them.  You could even pin on brooches, jewellery or other trinkets for a dazzling effect.
  3. Bubbly baubles:  Get a box of baubles and add your own touch.  Paint them in different colours.  Add snowflakes or sprinkle tinsel.
  4. Art glass:  Got some empty glass bottles and jars to throw away?  Paint them in solid colours and add colourful designs and motifs.  Got black, white and orange acrylic paint?  Paint a snowman’s face.
  5. Santa caps:  Fill Santa caps with yummy goodies and hang them on the walls.  And watch everyone turn into a child.
  6. Tree of joy:  If you don’t have a Christmas tree, why not break tradition and convert any tall, leafy plant in your house into one?  Decorate it with ornaments.  Convert a family keepsake into an interesting tree topper.  How about using scarfs and feathers instead of tinsel or pearl garlands to add whimsy?
  7. Silver loops:  Make festive paper chains with strips of silver or colourful foil wrapping paper—simply glue a loop together, and then string another paper strip through and repeat.
  8. Sweet centrepieces:  Candy canes, red and white peppermint balls and multi coloured chocolate filled in bowls make great centrepieces and quick sugar fixes.  Putting them in green or red glass bowls add to the season’s flavour.
  9. Card poster:  Collect all your cards and stick together to make one giant poster.  You could even get guests to draw or doodle in the empty spaces.
  10. Angel candles:  Cut out wings from paper plates or card paper and stick to thick white candles.  Spray a little gold paint for effect.
  11. Stencil messages:  Stencil personalised messages on brightly coloured paper, cut out and attach with a removable adhesive on the wall so painted walls go undamaged.

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Home-made Christmas decorations ideas always add a personal touch. There are so many ways to create them.  All you need is your imagination.  If you just look around the house, you’ll find plenty of ideas waiting to be discovered. 

Happy Holidays!  

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