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Are The Colours In Your Home You?

Thinking of redecorating your house? Understanding how colour influences your lifestyle and mood will help with making appropriate choices.

How many times have you walked into a home or an office and loved the way it looks?  What probably grabbed your attention were the colours.  Our brains pick up on many details to form very definite impressions.  Did you know that Feng Shui and Vaastu place a lot of importance on colour choices?  What mood do you want to create with colours?  Drama, cheer, comfort or calm?


Why colour is an important design tool

Choosing the right colour for your walls is important for many reasons.  Colours can make spaces feel expansive or closed in, depending on the size.  Picking the right ones is essential based on your personal style.  Confused on how to proceed?  Read up on Feng Shui or Vaastu principles to get some clarity.  Both these methods offer interior design ideas and how to use colour effectively.

4 ways colours reflect our personalities


Personality: Think about it! Your choice of colours really reflects your personality and creativity.   Every home has the same structural elements – floor, walls, furniture and lights.  How we pick and arrange art or even furniture offers insights.  For instance, a person who likes orange is usually happy.  Green denotes a caring and helpful nature and white, peaceful.  If a particular colour dominates, it speaks volumes about you.

Mood altering:  Interior design is not just about the look of a room or home.  It is all about tone and mood.  Use warm colours like red and orange to generate energy.  These colours are best used in common areas like the living and dining room.  Use blue, green or lavender in a bedroom to induce relaxation.  Make sure that there is balance too.  Add neutrals like white, ivory, black or brown.  Get ideas from magazines or the Internet.


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Changing perceptions:  Do you think your current house needs more living space?  Does it feel too cluttered?  Changing the wall colour can make a room feel much bigger and very airy.  Use pastels on the wall and use a darker shade of the same on furniture.  It could be upholstery, paint or even accessories.  If you have a large room, pick the colours carefully. 

Unifying element:  Colour helps you make spaces look well-coordinated.  Use varying shades of the same colour in accessories and paintings to make a room look cosy.  If you want to use white, then balance it out by using bright accessories.  Make a statement!

When you think and talk about interior design ideas, the main topic invariably is colour and how to use it effectively.  Either you love a colour or you don’t.  Can you believe that such a simple decorating element can generate so much debate?  Keep this information in mind when you are trying to decide what to do about a particular room in the house.  Read up and use tips on colour psychology and different elements to create new spaces.  There is no right or wrong way – enjoy the process and find out how creative you can be. 


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