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A Summery Curtain Call

Just as your wardrobe changes for the summer, so can your home decoration. A simple change in your curtains can add character, manage light and temperature as well as bring the season of joy into your home.

The hot weather has your home begging for fresh, light-weight and breezy curtain designs that will breathe new life in your home décor. Window curtains are one of the easiest ways to give a room a face-lift. They have the power to instantly brighten or soften a room and with a little innovation, you can inject design and drama into any space. Here’s an easy guide:

Types: If you would like to control the light and temperature in the room, go for block-out curtains. And if you want to bask in the sunlight, pick sheer curtains.

Colours: Cool shades like blue and green keep the heat at bay. Sky blue, for instance, brings serenity to a space and is great for rooms where you unwind. For a rich, elegant feel that shines in the sunlight, pick darker shades, but they tend to absorb more heat. Light, pastel shades are summer favourites. Nothing says feminine like a blushing hue of pink. If you are the experimenting sort, go for pop colours. To make colour pop more, pair yellows, fuschias and oranges with neutral colours like grey or white.

Fabrics: Linen and cotton are fantastic light-weight fabrics made for warmer months. Transparent voile is a great way to let the sunshine in. Velvet is a good option due to its density while silk is an excellent alternative as well. 

Designs: Soft, modern prints inspired by nature look gorgeous while retro and geometric patterns are also in vogue and intensify the playful spirit of summer. Nautical patterns spell sophistication and will have you dreaming of your next beach vacation. Floral designs are a great way to bring summer blossoms into your home or a fresh leaf print in gorgeous shades of lime and aqua will bring the spring garden indoors! Metallic gradients, ornate designs and crystal embellishments lend a luxurious, regal appeal.


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Mix and match: You too can be a trendsetter by mixing up fabrics and colours to customise your curtains. For instance, canary yellow sheer curtains can be complimented by a white floral curtain layered around the pelmet or combine a vibrant floral print with candy-striped sheer panels to create a room bursting with colour.

Make your own: Why spend a fortune of designer curtains when you can make your own? Get creative and make your own signature curtains. Use lace to spruce up hemlines or ribbons to create a striped illusion. Repurpose bed sheets into ruffled wonders. Add a touch of calligraphy with a permanent marker or stencil a design with fabric paint on pastel coloured curtains. Vintage sarees with rich borders ooze glamour and transform a space instantly.  

Delve into the world of tropical prints, sophisticated colour palettes and innovative designs and soon, you will be a summer trendsetter.

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