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A Stylist’s Touch

Think like a stylist to create picture worthy spaces in your home with a personal touch.

Accessories on show

Treasured accessories can often be as pretty as pieces of art, so display them on hooks in your bedroom to add interest to a plain wall. This way you’ ll not only have them close at hand, but you’ ll have solved the problem of where and how to store them.

bedroom decorating ideas @ Reward Me Accessories on show

Focus wall

A focus wall painted with blackboard paint serves as a handy place for writing important notes and keeping track of to-do lists.

Home décor ideas @ Reward Me Focus wall

Display your collections

Curate your home. Display your collections of found objects, sentimental heirlooms and beautiful things around your house. Create little displays that tell a story by grouping the same kinds of items together in clusters of uneven numbers.

DIY home décor @ Reward Me Display your collections

A bit of bling

For a feminine feel, add a touch of sparkle by painting an interesting headboard design onto the wall. Silver paint has the added bonus of reflecting light, making the space appear bigger.

Wall painting ideas @ Reward Me A bit of bling

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Personal touch

Give your living room a lived-in feel by adding personal touches such as books, comfortable cushions, photos and beautiful mirrors. A dark wall acts as a dramatic clean canvas, but be aware that it can make a small room look even smaller. To counter this, display mirrors on the wall as these will make the room appear bigger by giving depth to it.

Wall decoration @ Reward Me Personal touch

Get organized

Organise a collection of books by colour for a clean, uncluttered and modern look. If you have a book that doesn’ t work in your colour scheme, turn it around so that only the white pages are visible. To add to the organised effect, colour coordinate your personal mementos on the bookshelf along with your books.

House organizing @ Reward Me Get organized

Create a cosy feel

A large room with high ceilings can often look quite sparse. Hanging an oversized print on one of the walls will give it a more cosy feeling. Keep the rest of your dé cor items in the same colour scheme to create the sense of an intimate space.

Room decoration ideas @ Reward Me Create a cosy feel

Invest in a tray

If you find a tray you like, buy it. You’ ll soon find a multitude of uses for it. For example, a tray is a good way to keep a collection contained, it can act as a firm surface for displaying items on a soft ottoman, and it will also protect an antique table-top. A pretty tray will always add interest to a room and can even be hung on the wall like an artwork.

Room décor ideas @ Reward Me Invest in a tray

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