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A matter of (good) smell

It is often said that our home is a reflection of who we are. And if we care about cleaning and tidying the house, we can not ignore the scents, so our house breathes an ambience that is ... perfect! Follow our tips.

In the living room

Once a week, use Ambi Pur Air Effects Cotton Freshness, on your sofas, and breathe happy, regardless of what you can find between the cushions ... Ambi Pur Air Effects is ideal for eliminating (not limited to disguising) bad odors from fabrics, and at the same time leaving the air clean and fresh.

During routine cleaning, also use Ambi Pur Air Effects on the curtains, rugs and material, padding and stuffing.

Tip: if for any reason you have to postpone laundry day, freshen up the laundry basket with Ambi Pur Air Effects Delicate Flowers, a very nice fragrance that completely eliminates accumulated odors.

Living room air freshener @ Reward Me


This is the area of the house reserved for rest and where dreams are also aromas. So, in the morning, breathe Ambi Pur 3evolution Morning Freshness, and start the day with a sense of freshness, free from any bas odors.


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Tip: if you have friends in your home for dinner, it is common that a few less pleasant smells (food, tobacco ...) are "left over". Use Ambi Pur Air Effects, they are extremely effective in eliminating bad odors (triple-action and unique in the marketplace, which even eliminates the bad odors).

Bedroom air freshener @ Reward Me


The most common odors (the pipes, the humidity, for example) in this area of the house require an effective solution: Ambi Pur Elegant Flowers, lasting up to 80 days, is the right solution for shared spaces.

Bathroom freshener@ Reward Me

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