7 Ways ToMesmerise Guests With Your Lighting This Diwali

7 Innovative Diwali Lights Decoration Ideas

Diwali light decoration needn’t be the standard kandil and diyas. Not that those are passé, but how about doing something different this season?

Diwali completely transforms the market. It is bursting with colours, lights and decoration, and the options are mesmerising. You wouldn’t be blamed for being stumped for a choice. But before you jump on to the Diwali lights bandwagon, hold that thought.

Why don’t you try something different this year? Instead of picking up a readymade, mostly Chinese made, mass-produced Diwali decoration ensemble, perhaps we could interest you in a list of some unique and homemade Diwali lighting ideas? Of course, we know you would still want to use diyas, candles, kandils and lights, but you can break conventional Diwali lighting decoration ideas and find new ways of lighting up your home this Diwali.

Read on and pick your Diwali lights decoration ideas for this year:

Our Top 7 Diwali Lights Decoration Ideas:

1. Diwali Diya
Instead of ushering in Diwali with readymade diyas, you can create some of your own. Use flour dough, seashells, eggshells and even orange peels to create diyas that have a touch of the unusual. Just add molten wax, fix a wick and your diya is ready.
Readymade clay diyas too can be made to sparkle with a little glitter and paint. Choose colours that complement your décor and your home will look as unique as you would like it to be.

2. Floral Diya
To bring in a contemporary look, you can envelop your diyas with flowers or float them in a large bowl of water, surrounded by flowers and petals. Add a few drops of colour or fragrance to the bowl and fill the room with a soothing aroma. Just like you would get if you spray AmbiPur Air Effects Spring and Renewal.

3. Diwali Lanterns
You can create lanterns from paper, cardboard boxes or even packing material. Cut out interesting shapes, colour it, add glitter or sequins and hang it in a prominent spot to display your creativity.

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4. String of lights
If you have children or pets at home, too many diyas could get a little risky. Go in for a string of lights instead. There is so much that you can do with it. Choose one with small lamps or large bulbs. Place the string in glass jars, wrap it around your furniture or window grills, decorate mirrors or even create lettering with it. Go crazy and decorate the way you want to.

5. Decorative Candles
Candles are nice, but decorative ones are nicer. Use glitter, dried flower petals, leaves, twigs or cinnamon sticks to create a candle with your personal touch.

6. Rangoli
Yes, a rangoli design can become a focal point for lighting. Add diyas and candles to your flowing pattern, and create a cosy corner that looks just fabulous. Check out these 3 fabulous rangoli ideas here.

7. Wall Hanging
Wait a minute, how is a wall hanging part of lighting? It can be, when you use cardboard cut outs, photographs and decorative cloth to create a piece of art, which you then frame with a string of lights.

Light decoration for Diwali doesn’t have to dent a hole in your pocket. Look around your house and you will discover objects that you can use for getting the Diwali spirit to stay for a long time.

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