5 Ways to Decorate Your Home withthe Xmas Spirit.

5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with the Christmas Spirit

It isn’t Christmas without the decorations. And these ideas will get your home Christmas-ready.

Christmas calls for a yuletide celebration, and like every celebration, it requires your home to be decorated. They key is to make your home embody the spirit of the season, while not being too loud about it. And even if you’re not throwing a Christmas party, it’s nice to decorate your home and beautify it for the festive season; it spreads happiness and good cheer. These 5 Christmas decoration ideas will really make your house visit-worthy, for friends, neighbours and Santa alike.

1. Half-Half Wreath

  • If you have a double door in your home, consider adorning it with a half and half wreath.
  • You don’t have to get one specially made; all you have to do is take a regular wreath, made of evergreen or grapevine, and cut it in half lengthwise.
  • Now, just hand each of the halves on each of the doors; the idea is that the two halves will meet when the door is shut and that the wreath won’t come in the way of the door opening.

2. Hanging Vintage Baubles

You needn’t go to the store and buy new baubles and ornaments every winter for your Christmas tree decorations. There’s a reason they say ‘old is gold’. Decorate your Christmas tree with everything from baubles to jewellery that you have accumulated over the years. Hey, even cool key chains will work!

3. The Centrepiece

  • If you’re having guests over for dinner you should make a centrepiece that’s memorable. And it’s really simple to do so too!
  • In silver or red vases, put s bunch of bright red roses and envelope them with white or Texas tallow berries.
  • You can add ferns or even white roses, if you like.
  • By creating an artful centrepiece you will ensure that your dining table radiates the Christmas spirit too!

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4. Xmas Window Art

Even if you use something as basic as a frame that’s painted in Xmas colours and adorn it with a ribbon and some baubles, you can ensure your window reflects the Xmas spirit! Plus, it’s completely hassle-free.

5. Christmas Crib

Wondering how to make a Christmas crib? It’s simple really.

  • Using some dry grass, a carton box and a jute box, you can construct the manger inexpensively.
  • Decorate the entrance of the crib with Christmas ornaments like balls, stars and sparkles.
  • You can add cotton so that it looks like there’s snow in the crib.

Voila, you’re done!

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