5 Spring and Summer Organization Tips

5 Spring and Summer Home Décor & Organization Tips

Try these 5 simple techniques to get your home (and life) back in order.

1. Get Ready for Outdoor Eats
For sunny days when your kids want to eat out on the patio, be prepared to go at a moment’s notice. “Have a caddy with paper products and plastic utensils,” says organization expert Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organize Now!. “Whenever you want to eat outside, most of what you need is already ready.”

2. Create Grab n’ Go Bags
Have a bag for, well, everything. “I call them ‘grab n’ go’ bags,” says organizing expert Donna Smallin Kuper, author of Unclutter: How to Declutter and Make Money Now. “Put together tote bags for regular activities, whether it’s bicycling, sports, the beach and so forth. Fill them with things like water bottles, a little cooler, SPF and snacks, so you don’t have to look for anything before you go

3. Do a Season Swap
Restock your “launchpad,” says Ford Berry. More than anything, you have two major seasons to make big changes for: cold weather and warm weather. “Do a season swap in your mudroom or laundry room,” Ford Berry suggests. “Boots for flip-flops, winter coats for rain jackets, hats and scarves for beach towels.”

4. Stock Your Pantry Now
Feel like inviting another family over at the last minute? Did your sister and her husband stop by without warning? Be ready to entertain. “Everyone is more spontaneous in the summer,” says Ford Berry. “Stock your pantry with the things you’ll need to make a quick macaroni salad, or brownie mix for a sweet treat. Have bottled water on hand, and juice boxes for kids. Keep it simple.”


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5. Store Smart
Ford Berry says most people she advises store far more than they should. “Instead of getting rid of things, we’re tempted to pack them away—especially clothes,” says Ford Berry. “If you didn’t wear it the past season or your kids have outgrown it, don’t pack it away.”

Smallin Kuper agrees, suggesting you look into consignment for clothes. Kids' clothes, which are lightly worn as they grow so quickly, are perfect sells. “You know they won’t fit next year,” she says. “Consignment is great, because you can get some money back."

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