5 Creative Ways to Make Your Front Door worth Knocking On.

5 Creative Ways to Make Your Front Door worth Knocking On.

Front doors are untapped blank canvases for creativity. They’re also responsible for making a great first impression. These 5 DIY home décor ideas can help spruce up your front door.

Decorating your front door is not only incredibly easy but can also be a way to express yourself better. What’s more, should you be in the shower or busy with some household chore and can’t answer the door immediately, your beautiful door designs can keep people engaged while they’re waiting. Here are 5 creative front door designs to considerably liven up your front door.

Umbrellas & Rain Boots

There’s no better way to use umbrellas and rain boots in the summer than to create a simple front door decorative piece with them. Stick some freshly plucked flowers and ferns in a pair of rain boots or tether them to your umbrella; there, you’ve created a simple yet tasteful masterpiece.


Monograms are a neat way to honour your family name. And nothing does it like giant letter monograms. Making your own isn’t difficult either. All you have to do is purchase a really large letter from a craft store. If you can’t find a store that has one, simply cut one out from some sort of hardboard. Now, simply cover your letter/s with buttons, shells, fabric or paint; just get creative!

Chalkboard Signs

If you’re the kind of person that would like your front door to embody the flavour of the season then this idea works perfectly. To begin, use chalkboard paint on the interior of a tray, frame or cupboard door. You could also fill your chalkboard with welcome message or an inspiring quote!


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Flower Basket

A flower door basket filled with foliage and fresh flowers and foliage is sure to enliven your front door.

Empty Frames

Empty frames can be embellished with stuff lying around the house like fabric flowers, dried flowers or scrapbook paper. What’s more, you can put up Instagram photos of beautiful sceneries within the frame too!

With these 5 ideas you can turn your front door into a masterpiece. Expect your doorbell to ring a lot more!

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