5 Cheery Home Décor Ideas to Brighten Up Winter

5 Cheery Home Décor Ideas to Brighten Up Winters

Winters are dark and dreary. Sunlight is dull and the days are gloomy. The house too feels dank and unpleasant. How do you turn up the cheer?

Your home is your haven, a place to come back to after a day spent out in the big, bad world. It needs to be warm and pleasant, inviting and cheerful, whatever be the weather outside. This holds truest in winter, when everything around you is dull, gloomy and frightfully cold. 

Don’t let the greyness of these few cold months put a dampener on your cheer. Prepare your home for winter. If needed, change your home décor for winter. From your living room, to your entertainment areas, from the corridors to the bedrooms, there are several creative ideas for home décor that can easily and quickly crank up the cheer inside. 

Cheer-up Tip #1: The home is where the hearth is 


Agreed, most Indian homes don’t have fireplaces and hearths. That way we’re lucky it’s not that cold. But simply by rearranging the furniture to make all chairs, sofas and diwaans look inwards you can immediately create an aura of cosiness. Toss in extra cushions and throws and rugs and quilts to add warmth, and you don’t even need a roaring fire. Use floor runners to keep the cold off your feet in those sneaky corridors and cold bathroom tiles.

Cheer-up Tip #2:Add splashes of bright colours

Use bright, cheerful colours to brighten up your home. So what if it’s dark and grey and cold outside. You can create bright sunshine by choosing reds and oranges that also ‘warm up’ your rooms. Bold prints and patterns will brighten up even the plainest of furniture or infuse a new lease of life into a cold wall. You can let these design elements continue well into springtime before changing the décor for the next season. 

Cheer-up Tip #3: Cosy up with your better half 



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Your winter bedroom décor is crucial. This is where you let down your guard and are at your most comfortable. Air out the warm Cashmere quilts, release the velvet bed covers from their storage, and bring out the textured and layered bedding and pillows. Once the room is oozing warmth, you wouldn’t want to leave it to step out into the cold world. Also, check out how to make your bedroom look beautiful with these 5 ideas.

Cheer-up Tip #4: Curtains for winter


Thick curtains are very good at blocking out chilly drafts that somehow find their way inside. A word of caution here; it could also make things dark and depressing.Balance the thick drapes with bright furnishings and plenty of lighting. 

Cheer-up Tip #5: Scents of the Season

One of the oft-forgotten home decorating tips is the way your home smells. There is a winter smell that gets inside your nose, under your skin and into your heart. Banish it with smells of the season. A fragrant bowl of potpourri strategically placed in the most visited room will bring in cheer and cosiness.

Get up, get moving and give winter a warm welcome into your home.

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