3 Unique Rangoli Ideas For A Different Diwali

3 Unique Rangoli Ideas For A Different Diwali

It can be Diwali without crackers but it certainly isn’t Diwali without rangolis.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and there’s nothing quite as beautiful as a Rangoli. Rangolis or sacred welcoming areas (as they are called) are an integral part of Diwali that possess an aura of positivity and good cheer. No wonder this exquisite piece of art finds its place in practically every home, thereby setting the right tone and mood for Diwali.

Have you been wondering how to make rangoli more interesting and engaging? Well, here are three rangoli making tips that help you with exactly that.

Steps to Make a Flower Rangoli:

Popularly known as the Pookolum, these floral designs a remarkable work of art accomplished with a dollops of petals, deftness and attention to detail.

  1. Using a chalk, lightly draw your design on the floor. We’re recommending you sketch it lightly so that you can easily erase and edit as per requirement.
  2. Once you’ve finalized the design, use white rangoli powder to complete the outline. If you’re a veteran rangoli artist then you can easily skip this step. If this is your debut rangoli, then this step is critical.
  3. Use flowers within the outline and add body to your rangoli. This is, by far, the most fun step in the entire process and what’s more, you can go crazy and try using as many flower varieties as you like.


Steps to Make a Water Rangoli: 

Before setting out to create your beautiful water rangoli, it is essential to think of a simple design. That done, it’s time to finalize roughly 3 colours that you’re going to mix up, to make your rangoli bright, unique and vibrant.


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  1. Begin by picking the bowl which will hold your masterpiece. Pour water into it till the brim. If you use a transparent bowl made of glass, you can give your rangoli the 3D effect.
  2. Now that you’ve selected the bowl, using more than a few drops of oil, apply it on a transparent plate. This plate will hold the pattern of the rangoli which is why it is essential to rub it with oil. As you know, oil and water don’t mix.
  3. Using rangoli powder, make the pattern on the plate. You should ideally wait a few minutes to allow the oil to absorb the powder.
  4. Using some more oil, pour a few drops very slowly on to the powder so as to wet it.
  5. It’s now time to place your pretty rangoli plate inside your glass bowl. Do it without worrying because the oil will protect your rangoli!


Steps to Make a Powdered Rangoli (Sand or semolina)

  1. Choose the surface on which to create your Rangoli. You can use the ground, like most people do, or you can also make it on paper. Both are fine.
  2. Now that you’ve decided the surface that your rangoli will adorn, it’s time to pick the kind of design. Traditionally, most designs are based on flora and fauna or symmetric drawings. You can find plenty of designs online; pick one that is easy to make yet aesthetic in appearance.
  3. Depending on the surface you are using for your rangoli, use pencil for paper and chalk for the ground, and sketch the design lightly
  4. Once you are pleased with what you’ve designed, simply finalize the outline by making the lines heavier and thicker. This is essential to increase clarity, something which is essential if you’re making your first rangoli.
  5. Now it’s time to outline your design. You can do this by rolling a newspaper page into a cone. Then using scissors, snip a hole at the narrow end. That done, fill the hole with sand and then use begin outlining. Remember, if you need to control the flow all you need to do is use your finger as a stopper.
  6. Now comes the most fun step, namely, filling your design. To do so you can use:
  • Powder paints mixed with Rangoli color or sand
  • Paint
  • Coloured sand/sawdust

And the final step, be prepared to receive loads of compliments for your imagination and ingenuity.

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