3 Gift-wrapping Hacks

3 Amazing Gift-Wrapping Hacks

Eliminate the stress of wrapping gifts and storing paper with our essential holiday hacks.

'Tis the season! The season of wrapping package after package, that is. Unrolling yards of paper to be cut by old scissors, endlessly folding and taping corner after corner, tying bow upon bow — all for that split second of appreciation as your pretty package gets ripped apart by hands intent on finding out what's inside the box!

Before you stand teary-eyed in front of a wasteland of paper shreds and frazzled bow remnants, fear not. Wrapping presents doesn't always have to mean hours of intensive, surgery-like precision and craftsmanship. A few helpful wrap hacks can go a long way to make the holiday decoration demolition a little more bearable.

1. Roll With It 
We all know wrapping paper can look gorgeous, what with all the lovely colors and patterns available. We also know it can be a pain to tend to all of those half-used rolls of paper.

If you stick them in a shopping bag they just come unraveled, and if you tape the open end you’re sure to rip the paper when you want to use it the next time.

What to do? Well, the answer is simple, cheap and hiding in your bathroom wastebasket. That's right, it's your discarded empty bath tissue roll! Just cut the roll open lengthwise and slip it around your wrapping paper. This keeps it nice and tight, ready for next year! 


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Tip: Use leftover scraps of wrapping paper to make the bath tissue rolls festive.

2. Chip In 
One easy way to wrap something on the cheap is to go the chip route. Empty a bag of potato chips into a plastic container, then turn the chip bag inside out. Clean the bag thoroughly and voila — you've got a decorative silver gift pouch! Just use a ribbon to tie the open end and your present is ready!

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3. Choose To Reuse 
Want to forego that store-bought wrapping paper altogether? Just find some at home! Any newspaper can double as a fine, if economical, giftwrap.

Or get a bit creative. Is it a travel-related present? Maybe an old map or atlas would look good as decoration. Salvaging the paper on an old shopping bag, leftover shelf paper or just about anything around the house can be used as a wrap for your holiday present. Because c'mon, it's the gift that counts, right?

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