3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Glitter

Glitter Crafts For Home Decoration

Use glitter to add some glitz and glamor to 3 decorations with our simple instructions.

Light up your next dinner party, New Year’s Eve Party or living room makeover with projects made prettier with glitter. 

1. Sparkling Candles
Light up the night — or at least your dining table — with candles dressed in glittery stripes. 

Wax pillar candle in the colour you desire
Battery-powered pillar candle (optional)
21-by-28-centimetre (8 1/2-by-11-inch) piece of paper
Cellophane tape
Spray adhesive made for glitter (such as Design Master Glue for Glitter)
Extra-fine or fine metallic glitter in the colour you desire


  1. Wrap a piece of paper around the pillar candle, leaving the area exposed that you wish to cover with glitter. Secure the paper to the candle with a piece of cellophane tape
  2. Working in a well-ventilated room, set the candle within a cardboard box (to catch the overspray) and cover the exposed surface with a light, even coat of spray adhesive
  3. Holding the paper-covered end, extend the exposed area of the candle over a piece of newspaper. Turning the candle as you work, sprinkle glitter over the area covered in spray adhesive. Keep turning and sprinkling glitter until the coverage looks solid and even
  4. Let the candle dry completely before removing the cellophane tape and attached piece of paper

2. Dazzling “Disco-Ball” Lantern 
Whether used alone or in groups, these glitter-covered paper lanterns set the stage for sparkling conversation at a party. 


Tip: This project uses a lot of glitter. You may go with an inexpensive brand.

25 1/2- or 30 1/2-centimetre (10- or 12-inch) -diameter paper lantern: white
Spray adhesive made for glitter (such as Design Master Glue for Glitter)
Metallic glitter: silver or gold
Small foam brush
Decoupage medium, gloss finish
Newspapers or drop cloth


  1. Assemble the paper lantern per package directions
  2. Set up your workspace with a newspaper or drop cloth on the surface to catch excess glitter. Working a section at a time, coat the surface of the lantern with spray adhesive. Sprinkle on a handful of extra-fine or fine glitter. Repeat the process until the entire surface of the lantern is covered with glitter. Let dry
  3. Using a foam brush, cover the glittery surface with a thin layer of decoupage medium. Let dry completely before using as a decoration

3. Glitzy Glasses 
Any type of stemware or glass bottles or jars will look amazing when covered with shimmering glitter. 

Clear glass with stem
Cotton balls
Rubbing alcohol
Thin cardboard
Painter’s tape
Paper plate
Decoupage medium, glossy
Small foam brush
Fine or extra-fine glitter in the colour you desire
Plastic wrap
Clear acrylic sealer


  1. Set up your work surface with a newspaper topped by a thin piece of cardboard to catch excess glitter
  2. Clean the outside of the glass with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. Let dry
  3. Using painter’s tape, mask off the area of the glass that you do not want to cover with glitter. For example, if you want to cover the stem and base with glitter, use painter’s tape to cover the bowl of the glass to prevent it from coming in contact with decoupage medium

Tip: You should not put glitter near the rim of the glass where it might flake off and be ingested.

  1. Pour decoupage medium onto the paper plate. Using the foam brush, apply a generous coat of decoupage medium to the area of the glass you want to cover with glitter

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Tip: Leave the bottom of the glass uncoated so you can set the glass upright to dry.

  1. Shake glitter over the decoupage-medium-covered areas of the glass. Occasionally tap the glass to remove excess glitter. Repeat steps until you have achieved an even coat of glitter. Let dry. If desired, add a second coat of decoupage medium and then glitter to make the glitter coverage more opaque. Let dry thoroughly

Tip: Fold the cardboard piece in half in order to pour excess glitter back into the bottle.

  1. Make the stemware hand-washable by spraying one or two coats of clear acrylic sealer over the glittered area. Using painter’s tape, attach a piece of plastic wrap to the part of the glass not covered in glitter. Spray the glitter-covered area with a light thin coat of clear acrylic sealer. Repeat steps to add a second coat of sealer. Let dry
  2. Gently hand-wash the glitter-covered glass before and after using it
  3. Repeat all steps to create more decorative glasses

Tip: Use a different colour of glitter on each glass to help party guests remember which ones are theirs.

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