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2015 Home Decor Trends You’ll Love To Have

Out with the old. Give your home a new look in the new year with these tempting trends for 2015.

2014 was a year of so much variety in home décor.  Walls donned new textures.  Furniture found new forms.  Prints ranging from metallic to exotic took the world by storm.  But just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the year swishes past and another one comes in spilling open a treasure chest of more creativity and even more imagination. 

2015 promises to be even bigger, better and glitzier 

Lighting: With LED lights and smart home technology, the combinations are limitless.  Mix metal and crystal and traditional lamps for a totally unique look.  Traditional lighting with crystal, metal and earthenware is also making a comeback.

Art: Ethnic art styles like Warli and Rajasthani prints are breathing a new life in all kinds of interiors.  Choose prints for your walls or put them on your table.  Cutlery, table linen or bedding in lovely colours can be worked into an eclectic home décor style.

Walls:  Have light and neutral walls like beige and white.  In true Indian style, add splashes of colour by using accents.  Use a minimal amount of wall art, cushions, candles, pottery and curtains to make a room look well put together.  Colours for 2015 reign from purple and amber to electric blue and maroon. 

Accessories: Tribal handicrafts and wood decorative items are popular again.  Scout around to find one-off pieces that appeal to your aesthetic and your pocket.  Organisations and individuals are taking an interest in keeping art forms from dying out.  The focus now is to blend sophistication, good design and traditional home décor.


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Minimalism:  Clean is always contagious and rarely goes out of style.  But this totally reinvents itself with a crisp and industrial look.  Metal, chrome and ergonomically designed furniture are part of the minimalist home décor.  Easy to maintain and high on comfort, don’t be too surprised if the homeowner has a smart home as well.

Upholstery: Fabric and print trends for 2015 vary by season.  The basics again are muted and neutrals for walls and furnishing.  Colour is brought to the décor theme by using colourful throw pillows.  Floral prints are in again.  Look at Applique work and Swarovski crystal to add a new dimension. 

Drapes: For window coverings, the trend is more towards blinds instead of drapes.  Linens are very much in vogue again – dry linen look with vibrant floral prints.  For the Winter 2015 season, grey with silks to add texture.  Other fabrics which add to the richness are velvet, jacquards and chenille.

Fusion looks:  Go all out and create your signature style!  Mix retro and contemporary styles in your home decor to inspire suave, stylish and interesting spaces.  Clean lines with softly curved ones, bold motifs, vivid colour schemes and stunning accents can dramatically change interior design and decor.

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