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10 Bright Ideas For Brighter Walls

Wall art doesn’t have to be typical. Or expensive. In fact, you could unleash your creativity and create a space all your own.

Walls are your blank canvass.  This opens up a million possibilities to brighten up and decorate.  And since you’re in charge, you can beak or bend the rules and create some outstanding wall art to create signature spaces. 

Mix a bundle of unusual items and create that perfectly cosy room - decorators do it all the time. Use things lying around the house. Best of all, you don’t have to be a decorator to get it right. Or even bust your budget.

Inspiration comes in many fun ways. Here are a few:

Sectioned art: This idea can be used in so many ways.  Use photographs, digital prints, fabric, wall paper – anything to create something unique. A fragmented piece looks more interesting and arty compared a large painting.

Children’s art: Use your child’s art to add a touch of whimsy to a room. Fun artwork adds personality. Coordinate picture frames for a unified theme – match it to the wall paint or furniture. Do weekend art projects using crayons and a hairdryer to create unique canvasses. This is also a great way to encourage creativity in kids.

Wall garden: Colour an unused wooden box or crates, fill with potted plants and prop up against the wall. Add some ivy and trailing plants to create a cascade.  Living art with succulents and flowers can brighten up any corner. You could even use leftover Christmas decorations for a bit of bling.

Quilts and needlework: If you are an avid quilter or love needlework, display your work. Use special hardware to hang up heavy items. Use a clothesline and metal clips.  Needlework can be framed and grouped together.

Ceramic plate arrangement: If you have a collection of plates from countries you’ve visited, create an arrangement on the wall.  Map the layout beforehand and use wire hangers to hang them.


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Wine corks: You can display these any way you like – in a shadow box or creative shapes. It will remind you of all the good times you’ve had with friends.

Textured wall art:  Art should grab your attention. Use textures to create interesting items.  How about framing quilled alphabets? One for each person in the family?

Murals:  If you have plenty of wall space, bring the outdoors in.  The choices are endless and can be painted over later. 

Jewellery Display:  Not enough room to store all your jewellery? Hang up a wooden frame on the wall or even old drawers. Use thumbtacks or screws and display your pretty necklaces and bracelets.

Paint walls last:  Puzzled? There are so many shades in a colour, and then think of all the colour choices available to you.  Depending on your upholstery, paintings and photographs, pick paint last so that it complements your décor. This way, you could even experiment with unusual shades, or use different colours. 

There are so many ways to create unique wall decoration ideas – check out different sources for ideas before you start. The good thing is that you can recycle items already available at home to create something new.  Let your imagination grow wings.

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