10 Amazing Feng Shui Ideas For A Happy Home

10 Feng Shui Ideas For Healthy & Happy Homes

Usher happiness into your home with simple Feng Shuiconcepts. Neither magic nor abstract, Feng Shui is actually a collection of logical and simple principles.

Feng Shui is a way of living that is deeply-rooted in nature and living spaces, and the point where they intersect.Feng Shui translates into ‘wind-water’, which means nothing more than creating a balance of natural elements within your living spaces, and why would you say no to that?

A lot has been written about Feng Shui forhome.And when you look at it, Feng Shui tips for home isnothing but a collection of logical and sensible principles, some of which you might already be implementing.

Whether you decide to use Feng Shui for health, or happiness or wealth, or just as a decorative element, you are creating a balanced and happy atmosphere at home.

#1 Feng Shui at the front door, and beyond

According to Feng Shui, the path leading to your main door must be curved and not a straight line. Even if you look beyond good chi and bad chi, it has a certain aesthetic appeal. It also helps keep it clean and uncluttered.

#2 Clutter-free homes are happy homes

This is a no-brainer. Keep only the bare essentials and don’t overdo the décor. If you must buy souvenirs, display them on rotation so you have a lot of free space for the flow of positive energy. Replace broken and damaged objects.

#3 Feng Shui colours for a good mood

Use soothing, light and tranquil shades for the bedroom, while the living and entertainment areas can be brighter. Whatever you do, don’t use more than 3 colours in any room.

#4 Let there be no forced décor

Surround yourself with only things that you love. Remember, happiness comes from being positive and anything that upsets or annoys you should be gotten rid of. Allow your home to reflect exactly who you are.

#5 Go green

Besides creating oxygen around you, plants literally breathe life into their surroundings. Desk plants, creepers, hanging pots, or anything else that catches your eye is a great way to infuse your home with positivity.


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#6 Create harmony with music

Let music fill you with joy. If you don’t wish to listen to actual music all day long, put up wind chimes near doors and windows to fill your home with gentle tinkling.The sound of water can also be relaxing. A small waterfall or fountain works beautifully.

#7 No sharp edges

If you have children or pets, sharp edges are a risk. Round edges and curves add a touch of fluidity and allow positive energy to circulate within your home.

#8 Uplift the mood with good luck charms

You don’t need to pick objects that are popular in the Chinese culture. Look for things that uplift your mood and usher in positive energy.

#9 Relaxing sleeping spaces and energetic workspaces

The position of the furniture, the colours, the decoration and the lighting all play a subtle role in the comfort and security we feel at home.

Place the bed in such a way that you can see the entrance, but not directly opposite. Your desk in your home office should away from windows to prevent chi (we’d call it focus) from flowing out.

#10 Let there be light

Perfect and strategically placed light banishes dark corners from the room and creates a positive environment. Use as much natural light as possible.

As you can see, Feng Shui is rooted in common sense and aesthetics, mixed with a good dose of planning. There’s nothing supernatural about it, but the results are magical.

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